Rihanna’s Amazing Gift Will Ensure Malawi’s Schoolgirls Get Their Education

Because Rihanna won't stop at hit songs and bank-busting clothing collaborations. She's going to save the world too


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Rihanna, a.k.a Robyn Fenty, is the kind of woman who likes to keep a lot of plates spinning.

Though she is probably best known for her chart-topping hits, she has ventured into the world of the multi-hyphenated.

The singer has added the acting string to her bow. Since starring in Battleship back in 2012 she has been in Bates MotelValerian and the City of a Thousand Planets and will be in the highly anticipated, all female, Ocean’s Eight.

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As well as being not only a certified fashion designer, but perfumer and beauty mogul too.

Not satisfied with her creative and entrepreneurial pursuits though, Rihanna has also been a long-time philanthropist.

Harvard awarded the star their 2017 Humanitarian of the Year award because of her involvement in a number of charitable causes.

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Rihanna funded a centre for oncology and nuclear medicine for the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer in her home country of Barbados.

She created the Clara Lionel Foundation scholarship program for students from the Caribbean who attend college in the US.

And she supports the Global Partnership for Education and Global Citizen Project, which provides children with access to education in developing countries.

Now her Clara Lionel Foundation has teamed up with a Beijing-based bike-share called ofo.

Though ofo’s roll-out use has been controversial (their lack of docking means their use results in build-ups of abandoned bikes) for other cities such as Cambridge, Rihanna intends to place them on the roads of Malawi for school girls.

According to My Social Good News, 4.6 million children go to primary school in Malawi, however only 8 percent of them continue their education to secondary school.

Of this 8 percent, the majority are boys, and one of the reasons more girls drop out is because of their long walks to the closest school.

In a statement released today Rihanna said:

I’m so happy about the Clara Lionel Foundation’s new partnership with ofo because it will help so many young people around the world receive a quality education, and also help the young girls of Malawi get to school safely, cutting down those very long walks they make to and from school all alone.

Rihanna visited Malawi back in January and said in the Global Citizen video:

It’s such a pity that they have to drop out, because they are so smart. Everybody’s learning together and learning at the same pace, it seems. It’s sad that has to end for some of them, because they could probably do so much if they had the resources to continue and complete.

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