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The lovebirds from Descendants Of The Sun began a new episode in their lives on Tuesday (Oct 31) afternoon, as Mr and Mrs Song Joong Ki.

South Korean actor Song, 32, and actress Song Hye Kyo, weeks shy of her 36th birthday, wed in a private outdoor ceremony in Yeong Bin Gwan, a Korean-style banquet annexe to The Shilla hotel in Seoul, said The Korea Herald.

Although the couple did not give a customary nuptial press conference, the area around the wedding venue was overflowing with fans and reporters, added the report.

Despite tight security, photos of the couple on a lawn – she, in a white gown with a square neckline, looking at him – also surfaced on Weibo.

Family and friends, numbering about 300, attended the ceremony. According to The Korea Herald, the guest list was likely to include, on the groom’s side, actors Lee Kwang Soo and Zo In Sung, Cha Tae Hyun and Park Bo Gum, and on the bride’s side, actresses Kim Hee Seon and Song Yoon Ah, as well as actor Yoo Ah In.

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi was seen arriving at the wedding.

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Also, the couple would surely not have missed out their colleagues from Descendants, the 2016 drama that lifted the actor’s career to new heights and brought the pair together.

Talk-show chatter has it that the couple might have first met through Zo, a mutual acquaintance. Song Joong Ki has been good friends with Zo after they acted in the 2008 film A Frozen Flower. Song Hye Kyo starred with Zo in the 2013 drama That Winter, The Wind Blows.

Photo: Weibo
Photo: Weibo
Photo: Weibo

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In addition, Zo is said to have been one of the top candidates for the leading role of Descendants, special forces captain and lover Yoo Shi Jin, but he passed and Song Joong Ki eventually won the part.

The show was shot in South Korea and Greece in 2015. In March 2016, weeks after the romantic drama premiered, rumours started going round that the Songs were dating in real life.

But the two denied the rumours, until they announced in July this year that they were getting married.

At a talk in September, Descendants writer Kim Eun Sook was asked if she had helped write the Songs’ love story into being.

She answered: “Song Hye Kyo has said, ‘Yoo Shi Jin has changed Song Joong Ki.'” Apparently, the actor was a tough guy, but became sweeter after playing the dashing captain, the writer said. “They really love each to death. It is just so beautiful to see.”

Previous reports said the ceremony on Tuesday would be hosted by a friend from the groom’s schooldays. Park was to give a piano performance, and the couple’s close friends, Lee and Yoo, were to read out letters to them.

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From: Straits Times

Additional reporting by Hanan Haddad