Stefanie Sun
Photo: Courtesy of
孫燕姿 Sun Yanzi / Facebook

After a remarkable 20 years of stardom in the music industry, homegrown artiste Stefanie Sun decided to give back to her loyal fanbase who have supported her over the years. Last Tuesday (June 9th) which also marked the day of her first album released in 2000, Yan Zi, the Singaporean Mandopop singer took to Facebook with a spontaneous live concert.

While the 41-year-old mother of two was supposed to launch an anniversary concert tour (titled Super Solstice or Jiu Zai Ri Luo Yi Qian) this June, Stefanie decided to give her fans the next best alternative which included a dedicated performance of her beloved tracks and an exclusive Q&A session.

As we wait in anticipation for the news of Stefanie Sun’s official comeback, we’re thankful that we can keep her recent live virtual concert on replay in the comfort of our homes. If you missed Stefanie Sun’s live stream session, you can now watch the full performance segment in the clip below.

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