Taylor Swift- feature pic

A pleasant surprise during a recent Taylor Swift performance turned one fan into an amateur choreographer.

Last fall, Mikael Arellano made waves with the following choreography for Swift’s song ‘Bejeweled’ choreography on TikTok. His choreography was so well-done that it quickly became a viral sensation, prompting others to try and perfect Arellano’s routine.

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Swifties immediately copied the choreography to create their own ‘Bejeweled’ Era moments, prompting the viral video to reach more than 6.3 million views. And now – Taylor Swift herself has hopped on the trend, performing the dance at the recent Eras Tour concert in Glendale, Arizona.

Her actions were immediately recognised by the crowd, who screamed in response. This moment of recognition solidified Arellano’s video as an internet sensation, collecting millions of views and shares from around the world.

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And even though Arellano wasn’t able to attend the opening night of the Eras Tour in person, thanks to the speed of social media these days, news of the viral moment got back to him in no time:

Arellano’s enthusiasm was palpable, showing just how much the acknowledgement meant to him.

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Moral of the story? Let’s dream impossible dreams together, because Taylor Swift is helping her fans’ Internet pipe dreams come true.