Gigi hadid
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Gigi Hadid is facing accusations of racism for the second time in three months after her sister Bella posted a video of the model imitating Asian facial features.

The video first appeared on Bella’s Instagram story over the weekend, BuzzFeed reports. In the clip, Gigi holds up what appears to be a cookie with Buddha’s face. She then squints her eyes and smiles in an exaggerated way to make herself look like the cookie.

Bella quickly removed the clip of her sister, but not before followers captured and shared it more widely.

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People were quick to call Gigi out, labeling her imitation racist. Users also recalled that Gigi faced similar backlash for a Melania Trump impression during a comedy bit at last November’s American Music Awards, for which she later apologized in a letter.

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Gigi has not yet responded to this controversy.

From: Cosmopolitan