Thirst Trap Thursday: Choi Yongho

He can turn from a charming boy into a hulking sexy beast in 2 seconds flat

Thirst Trap Thursday is back to give more seamingly perfect men to follow on the ‘Gram! Thank god! This time we have been feeling really dehydrated after our eyes were graced with the Adonis-like being that is, Choi Yongho. A male model from South Korea, he has graced countless ads and covers of magazines. Particularly men’s health magazines, because as we all can clearly see, he is the very definition of ripped to perfection.

His versatility as a model is truly remarkable as he can go from looking like a young boy to a man in a matter of seconds, just by taking off his shirt. His boyish features has landed him several CF campaigns in Korea, for large brands such as LG and more. Actually he really did rip off his shirt in one of the commercials for LG. You can watch below to see this boy-to-man transformation:

But this is just the beginning for Choi Yongho! In a Marie Claire feature, he had a photoshoot with sexy vixen, Hyolyn and it was mentioned that he is working towards a career in acting on top of his flourishing modelling profession. We’re pretty sure with a face (and body) like that, he will be starring in a hit Korean drama real soon (probably a bad boy type role, but we’re just projecting our wants at this point).

You can follow Yongho’s rise to the top of both the modeling and entertainment industry through his personal Instagram @yongho_choi. Amidst the work out videos and cute selfies with his friends, trust us, you won’t regret it!

Consider yourselves trapped!

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