Thirst Trap Thursday: Christian Yu

Ladies, try not to swoon

Ladies, brace yourselves! BAZAAR is starting our first installment of ‘Thirsty Thursday’ with a bang. As the name would suggest, we’ll be highlighting the delicious thirst traps that are laid all over social media, because who doesn’t want a little eye-candy to get them through the week?

Hence, say hello to bad-boy heartthrob, Christian Yu  (@christianyu_). This 27-year-old musician from South Korea has been the talk of the town lately, mostly due to his incredible good looks, but also due to how much he has changed since his idol days. Previously from K-pop group, C-Clown that has since disbanded, Christian broke free from the grasps of K-pop and is now the director and chief editor of DPR (Dream Perfect Regime), an independent label that helps create some of South Korea’s best music videos for artists like iKon’s Bobby.

DPR also has musical artists under them and help produce their music as well. Christian is the mastermind behind it all and we’re glad that he’s flexing (in more ways than one) his creative muscles, beyond just K-pop.

Though his label is based in Seoul, he is actually born and raised, Australian and speaks English perfectly, with a sexy Aussie accent. Just have a listen below:

Time for the X lol #sorryboutthat #quickapologies

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Are you still breathing? Because we aren’t.

Christian moved to Seoul initially to pursue his dancing career as a Bboy. Oh, yeah, we forgot to mention that he’s a great dancer too. Honestly, what can this man not do? We can’t over his good looks, creative talents and incredible, tatted physique that he displays quite regularly on Instagram. Pretty sure the rest of the world can’t get over it either.

So consider yourselves trapped!

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