Thirst Trap Thursday: Han Chandra

Time to add this suave model/blogger from Indonesia on your Instagram feed

Blessed with bountiful black hair, perfectly arched brows, well-defined Cupid’s bow and a jawline curved as an egg’s shell, Han Chandra can be passed off as a budding K-pop idol in the making. Never without his signature winsome smile, Chandra’s bubbly and warm charisma is bound to burn up your screen.

Based in Jakarta, he juggles between multiple roles as a model, influencer, writer and painter. While anyone can be a renaissance man with multiple followers (hitting beyond the three zeros), Chandra is a man of multiple diplomas in design, digital media and communications. Although most of us follow a career path that diverges from our degrees, at least he makes use of it by launching a solo art exhibit “Teduh” (“Shade”) earlier in March. Also, let us not forget the fact that Chandra launched a children’s book, Tentang Memaafkan (A Tale of Forgiveness), for his university project last year, which he wrote and illustrated.

Apart from his aforementioned talents, Han brings the total package with his killer sense of style. Often donning a collared button-down shirt as a base, he alternates between a sharp blazer and a cool bomber jacket for a prep meets street aesthetic. Topping off each outfit with a Longchamp bag, watch and aviator glasses, is it hard to resist a handsome man who looks smart AND stylish?

Thankfully, being an influencer, Chandra is easily accessible via his Instagram or even by checking out his blog, which he updates quite regularly. From his modeling photos to the candid moments he shares online, you wouldn’t be able to resist this man’s smooth charm.

Consider yourself trapped!

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