Thirst Trap Thursday: Hasan Piker

The OG Woke Bae himself

27-year-old Hasan Piker (@hasandpiker) is the star of this #ThirstTrapThurday episode and all we can do snap and yell, “YAASS!!”. Dubbed as the original ‘Woke Bae’ (aka incredibly hot person who is knowledgeable on current socio-political issues), Hasan is a political journalist in the famous YouTube channel, The Young Turks. The Young Turks has over 3.8 million subscribers and consider themselves an unfiltered news platform that talks about current affairs in a brutally honest manner. Hasan was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey and graduated from Rutgers University at New Jersey in 2013 with his B.A. in political science and communication. He then went on to host The Young Turk’s series called ‘Pop-Crunch’, before going on to become a producer and official talent of the channel.

With his good looks and charm, it’s hard to focus on the actual topics he’s commenting on. Though he does portray himself as a Social Justice Warrrior with his Buzzfeed-style reporting, he has talked about less heavy topics such as dating and relationship advice before for other programmes. So if you’re wondering what’s his type, don’t worry, we’ve got you. Just watch the video below:

Excuse me, but can he advice us on how to nab a man like himself? Because Hasan is a total snack! With his deep set, smoldering eyes, amazing brows and incredible body, it’s no surprise that he has been dubbed as ‘Woke Bae’ by many.


Feel free to peruse The Young Turks’ YouTube channel or even his own, right here, to get your daily fix of Hasan Piker with your morning BAE-gel.

Consider yourselves trapped!

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