Thirst Trap Thursday: Josh Kua

Be warned! You need to be well-hydrated for this Thirst Trap

Josh Kua is not just another model with six pack abs, square jawline, blue steel and selfie skills. While anyone can be blessed with beauty, underneath it all reveals a naturally gifted talent for playing the violin. Given that the violin’s got a rep for being old-fashioned, Kua’s sharp strings wind your ears to the tunes of K-pop, Kendrick Lamar and Maroon 5 covers.

Due to his beauty, curated taste in music and talent, it’s taken him across the globe from Thailand to Singapore, where he played for Miss Universe Singapore in 2018. On top of it, Kua juxtaposes classical music with EDM to create a groundbreaking New Age-inspired EP Elevate.

As a model, the KL born and Melbourne raised hunk graced the campaigns for Nivea, Coca Cola and Heineken. Oh, and also, how can we forget that this handsome chap appeared on Harper’s BAZAAR Indonesia?! If you believe that you’ve seen his face at your local supermarket, Kua appeared on the cover of Men’s Folio, a luxury mens’ mag. However, his modeling wasn’t his first career option. Prior to it, Kua was a student at Monash University, where he graduated with two degrees in Law and Commerce.

Beyond his degree and skills, Kua is a bookworm who can’t live without coffee and playdates with his cat, Hirra. (Seriously, her Instagram is worth the follow, too!) If you wish to score a date with him, please don’t forget to bring your cat!

Are you already scrolling through his Instagram page and getting very parched? Well…

Consider yourself trapped!

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