Thirst Trap Thursday: Julian K Neukomm

Meet this Swiss-Japanese model who is so pretty it hurts

We don’t know about you, but it’s been a long week. But fret not, Thirst Trap Thursday is back to give you that pep in your step and perhaps another dashing individual to follow on Instagram to keep your spirits up. Meet 22-year-old male model, Julian K Neukomm!

A gorgeous mix of Swiss and Japanese ethnicity, his modelesque features are to die for. Not to mention the incredible hazel eyes you’ll want to get lost in, this guys is so pretty it almost hurts! Represented by Canadian modeling agency B&M, Julian is relatively new to the modelling industry though he has done shoots for several magazines as well as done spreads for big brands such as BOSS. Currently, he is based in Bangkok, Thailand but has done some international work as well. He is certainly one to have on your radar, or at the very least on your Instagram feed to admire.

Looks aside, Julian is also a talented musician. In fact, prepare to be serenaded by his soft melodic voice and guitar playing skills! Just watch the video below:

Watch video!

Have you melted yet?

For now you can follow him on his Instagram handle @julian_neukomm to keep up with this talented jack-of-all-trades.

Consider yourselves trapped!

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