Thirst Trap Thursday: Luke Voyage

This Thai model will charm your socks off

Thailand is known to be a land filled with beautiful people. Just have a look at their media personalities and you will have a plethora of thirst traps laid out right in front of you. In this installment of Thirst Trap Thursday, let Luke L. Plowden (@lukevoyage) take you through to the weekend. This dreamboat is a model from Thailand, managed under Area Management (Thailand) and RYU Models (New Zealand). Currently he is still finishing up his studies in The George Washington University in the US. From his boyish good looks to his dark hair and dark eyes, he looks pretty much perfect. And that’s not even a stretch.

Though he is a still a newbie in the fashion scene, he is rising fast, landing Thai commercials and walking runways for local Thai brands. If you simply can’t get enough of his handsome face, then might we suggest heading over to YouTube where he has collaborated with quite a few local Thai influencers. Here’s Luke trying out the Spicy Noodle Challenge… Shirtless, of course:

And here’s one more of him collaborating with a Thai beauty Youtuber, Jane Soraya, where they swap styles for a day. He sportingly wore a dress and makeup while he turned Jane into a man. We’re just including it as a bonus, because his smile as he puts makeup on Jane will make hearts flutter.

Feel free to follow him on Instagram and his Twitter (@hapavoyager) for more images that will leave you parched.

Consider yourselves trapped!

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