Thirst Trap Thursday: Max Ando

Good-looking AND funny? Max is spoiling the market for many

In this week’s installment of Thirst Trap Thursdays, we introduce you to model and business owner, Max Ando. This 27-year-old half Japanese male model comes complete with a smouldering eyes, a heart-melting smile and rock hard six-pack abs, towering at 185cm tall. What’s wonderful about Max isn’t only his devilish good looks, but it’s also his sense of humour and how he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He uses his Instagram (@maxliked) to proclaim his love for foods like banana and rice and isn’t shy about being goofy at all.

In contrast to his goofy side, Max does have a more serious side to him as well. Besides being a model, he is also a business owner of a talent agency called, Ando/Clements which he co-founded with his best friend, fellow model and Youtuber, Jessica Clements. He travels all over the world for both business and play, and you can catch his shenanigans on some of Jessica’s vlogs such as the one below:

Basically, it’s vlog with a bunch of beautiful people, travelling around Japan and making it look so good. What’s not to like?

This guy literally has ZERO bad angles and we aren’t mad about it.

From his chiseled face to his equally chiseled physique, it’s hard not to fall for Max’s good looks and charm. Plus a great sense of humour to boot?

Consider yourselves trapped!

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