Thirst Trap Thursday: Prince Carl Philip

THIS is what a prince should look like. By Michelle Varinata

A seat at last month’s Royal Wedding was all it took to set our eyes on a strong jawed brunette with a flawlessly groomed 5 o’clock shadow, slicked back hair and elf-like ears. Firmly holding two invitations on his fingertips, his steely gaze was fixed on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Despite being 39-years-old, how can we not be convinced that this guy looks older than 28?! Little did we realize that this handsome man was no other than Prince Carl Philip.

As the only son of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, he is fourth in line to the Swedish Throne. Not to mention, the prince is also a duke (specifically, the Duke of Värmland) with a bunch of military honours as a Grand Knight and Officer. Before I forget, he has a drop of Latino blood thanks to his maternal grandmother, who was Brazilian. Not bad for Orlando Bloom 2.0, right?

Unlike most monarchs in the making, his royal DNA runs thicker than water. He is distantly related to Queen Elizabeth II, who is this third cousin once removed, and a direct descendant of Queen Victoria. (Are you shook yet?)

Despite having the titles and military accomplishments like most Royals, his interests run from race cars to graphic design. (Fun fact: He graduated from Rhode Island School of Design and submitted a design for a competition under a pseudonym.)

Unfortunately, he’s already off the market as he’s married to former model Sofia Hellqvist, whom he has two children with. But, you can keep up with him on Instagram @prinsparet, which recently became public. So, hit that follow button ASAP.

For a man who can dress, coordinate matching outfits with his wife, serve royal duties, drive fast cars and design, Prince Carl Philip is the perfect masterpiece of all time.

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