Yoon Chan-young x Coach
Photo: Coach Korea

If you, like us, binge-watched Netflix’s zombie hit All of Us Are Dead, you’d have witnessed Yoon Chan-young‘s serious acting chops. In the K-drama series that has catapulted him to fame, the 21-year-old plays the unsung hero Lee Cheong-san, who sacrifices himself to save others.

The breakout star has since been appointed as the first ambassador of Coach Korea, joining the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Michael B. Jordan and Jeremy Lin as a global face of the luxury brand. The newly minted brand ambassador has starred in a campaign sporting Coach’s Spring 2022 denim signature ready-to-wear and Hitch backpack, embodying optimism and the courage to be one’s authentic self.

Yoon Chan-young x Coach
Photo: Coach Korea

We caught up with the young actor over Zoom to learn more about his partnership with Coach and his personal style, his favourite scene from All of Us Are Dead, and more. Ahead, 8 things to know about Yoon Chan-young.

He believes in strength in authenticity

“It’s an honour for me to become an ambassador for a global brand that has such a tradition and heritage. The Coach brand encourages people to be real—that really clicked with me because you can be authentically yourself and express your true style while doing that. I think that was perhaps why I was a good match for this.”

His personal style and go-to item

“I like oversized fits and enjoy comfortable clothing. I generally wear the boxy, oversized style but when I want to be a bit more stylish—like when I go to a party—I want to sometimes put on a shirt or a necktie. I also like the aviation style. My go-to item would be my Coach leather backpack that’s perfect for college.”

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He was a child actor

“I started acting from when I was very young, and really enjoy making other people happy and keeping them entertained. I saw people on TV—the actors and the actresses—and I thought to myself that one day, I want to be like them; I want to be on TV and make people smile. Through acting, I’ve been able to have first-hand, and also second-hand experiences of various different lives. I’m also able to better understand and empathise with other people.”

His favourite scene from All of Us Are Dead

“My favourite scene has to be the last scene where I’m bidding farewell to On-jo (Park Ji-hoo). There were many memorable moments during that project, but that was the first time I kissed someone. That, for me, would be a lasting memory for a long time.”

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Chan-young with Park Ji-hoo, who plays Nam On-ju in All of Us Are Dead.

He is a big fan of La La Land

“When I was in middle school, I watched La La Land many times—it was such a romantic and artistic movie. I wanted to grow up to be an actor and play a role in a similar kind of movie. I’d like to do a proper love story next.”

What he thinks about love

“I pondered about this for a long time: What is the purpose for living? I think that if you answered that in one word, that would be love. Because whether it’s family or friends or your lover or your pet, you give love, you receive love. Love is what enables people to carry on; love plays a big part in our lives.”

Chan-young shows lots of love to his cat named Silver.

He values ‘me’ time

“I have this private room where I practice acting. I go in there and try different approaches to my characters and lines, and I think that time is really useful for me.”

Where he finds inspiration

“I’m inspired by movies and dramas, but not only that, I’m also inspired by different art genres. I go to the art museum, I watch dance performances, and listen to music. I’m also inspired by sports—when I watch a soccer game, I get inspired by the explosive power and speed of it all and that helps me with acting, in terms of delivering action scenes.”

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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