Chris Hemsworth
Photo: Ryan Pierse / Getty

Ladies, get ready to swoon—Australian actor and heart-throb Chris Hemsworth is here to give you the full rundown on everything from workouts, recipes and guided meditations.

The perfect antidote to get your heart racing, Hemsworth’s Centr app will not just relieve cabin fever but will give you the chance to live out the A-lister’s fantasy and feel incredible afterwards.

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Understanding the current situation, Chris Hemsworth has offered up a new solution to help parents adjust to their recent lifestyle shift with more children staying at home. This comes in the form of a free guided meditation and visualization feature on the app for children that will help calm anxieties.

Recently, this new feature has even gotten lots of hype too. And what’s not to love, especially if the man himself is narrating a couple of “meditations” and “sleep visualizations” that will not just put your little one to sleep, but also send you melting.

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If you’re curious and want to know what this children’s meditation is all about, check out this quick preview on Graham Norton‘s chat with Chris Hemsworth.

Download the Centr app today on both iOS and Android devices. Alternatively, you can access Centr via the official website here.

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