Don’t freak out everyone, but Ruby Rose‘s tattoos have disappeared. No, she didn’t have them professionally removed, but she did cover them up with some heavy duty makeup. The Orange is the New Black actress, model, DJ, presenter, and body art icon gave a round of coverall a go just for kicks and we’re not going to lie—it’s a little like seeing a tiger without its stripes.

“Today, ladies and gentleman, I decided to see what it would look like if I didn’t have no tattoos,” the Aussie said in her best Southern accent. “Well that’s a very weird looking situation.”

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Rose’s incredible makeup job was done by makeup artist Toby Fleischman who Instagrammed about her “magical” work. We want to know what makeup she used for the concealment. It could well have been Vichy Dermablend, a camouflage foundation that is amazing at hiding tattoos, scars, acne, extreme redness, and more. Check out this powerful video that demonstrates how well it works: