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First it was Christmas. Then it was New Year’s. And now it’s Chinese New Year? At this point, it seems like the festivities will never end, but who’s complaining?

You of course, when you realise that it takes a little more than a cinch and a pinch to slip into your favourite Diane von Furstenberg dress. With a ceaseless flow of festive feasts and snacks waiting for you at the table, they’re pretty difficult to resist when they taste so divine.

BAZAAR lists out 10 common CNY goodies we love and how many calories they contain, just to put things in perspective.

  1. 1) Bak kwa

  • What it is: Decadent slices of barbecued pork marinated in spices and honey
  • Addiction factor: Extremely high
  • Damage: 178-180kcal/slice
  • 2) Pineapple tarts
  • What it is: Fragrant and buttery shortcrust pastry topped with a mounted dollop of sweet pineapple jam
  • Addiction factor: High
  • Damage: 80-82kcal/piece
  • 3) Hae bee hiam rolls
  • What it is: Spiced shrimp paste wrapped in spring roll skin, and deep fried to gastronomic perfection
  • Addiction factor: High
  • Damage: 20-24kcal/piece
  • 4) Melon seeds
  • What it is: Lightly salted melon seeds. Consumed by cracking its shell to unveil the crunchy, nutty goodness that’s in its heart
  • Addiction factor: Extremely high
  • Damage: 248kcal/100g
  • 5) Soda beverages
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Photo: Getty
  • What it is: Carbonated water sweetened with copious amounts of sugar and tastebud-teasing flavourings
  • Addiction factor: Mild
  • Damage: 120-150kcal/can
  • 6) Love letters
  • What it is: Sweet, paper-thin wafers made mainly out of sugar, eggs, and flour. A letter of love indeed
  • Addiction factor: High
  • Damage: 58-60kcal/piece
  • 7) Kueh lapis
  • What it is: A scrumptious multi-layered confection made of flour, eggs, butter and… condensed milk
  • Addiction factor: High
  • Damage: 150-160 kcal/piece
  • 8) Nian gao
  • What it is: A chewy delight with glutinous rice, eggs, and coconuts in its sinful mix. Served steamed or fried
  • Addiction factor: High
  • Damage: 190-220 kcal/piece
  • 9) Kueh bahulu
  • What it is: A cross between a madeline and a sponge cake best served dipped in sweetened hot tea
  • Addiction factor: Mild
  • Damage: 33-40 kcal/piece
  • 10) Deep fried crab sticks

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  • What it is: Flaked crabsticks fried to delicious, crispy bits
  • Addiction factor: Extremely high
  • Damage: 165-170 kcal/serving

Of course, we’re not saying NO to these mouthwatering treats… Just exercise (pun intended) mindfulness when you’re reaching out for another mouthful. Your waistline will thank you for it.

By Syed Zulfadhli