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This week model-turned-actress Chrissy Teigen announced that she and her husband John were expecting their first child. BAZAAR caught up with Teigen at the star-studded launch of #MyLaMerStory, a new campaign that marks the 50th anniversary of the luxury skincare brand Crème de la Mer.

What made you fall in love with Crème de la Mer?

CT: I’ve been using it for nearly 10 years now. I love the body cream. I can’t use anything else because I don’t know what it is about my skin, but I get stretch marks, so I really need to feel like it’s preventing something and I really feel like Crème de la Mer is thick enough to really help me out. The original skin cream is fantastic too; I can’t use other creams because I don’t feel they actually penetrate my skin. With all the make-up I have to wear it’s great. Some creams make it look like you’re wearing a mask, but some actually blend with your make-up and make it look like part of your face.

What are your other favourites from the brand?

CT: The Eye Concentrate is an everyday essential, and now the new oil is on my list too. I will use other serums, but I love that. It is great for flying: I walk off the plane better-looking than when I walked on.

Wasn’t it was your make-up artist that introduced you to Crème de la Mer?

CT: Mary Phillips, yes. I had wanted to work with Mary so badly because she does Jennifer Lopez’s make-up and I was a huge fan of hers and her entire look. When I first met her and sat in her chair, she had a gamut of La Mer products and I was like, holy crap I’m in good hands here. She got me obsessed with the face cream and from then I was Instagramming my love for it and my flight routine and then La Mer got in touch and asked me to do my La Mer Story.

What is the best skincare tip you’ve picked up on set?

CT: Oh god that’s hard. I mean besides all of the under-eye masks I use in the morning, I put my eye cream in the freezer. Having it nice and chilled and cold for you makes a big difference. It really wakes you up and I have really early call-times, so it helps.

chrissy teigen
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What do you do to stay healthy?

CT: Oh gosh, it’s so different now. I mean the cravings just kicked in. I never believed it before, and I thought, ‘Oh you can control it’.

What are you craving?

CT: Literally everything. Although it’s hard because I actually love salads and salad dressings and I do know how to eat healthily and I like eating healthily, but I like to indulge too. For me, acid is a really hard thing to consume right now because I always feel sour, so the dressings aren’t doing it for me. I find myself eating really hearty salads and meat. Red meat and milk: I’m like a caveman. I guess I’m paleo-ing it.

How do you stay in shape?

CT: I do Body by Simone every day, no matter how early my call time. Simone is so wonderful, she really tailors every workout to you and it’s different every time. She has so much energy, she’s so feisty and fun. There are a lot of women’s classes out there that let you slide through: if you don’t like doing something you can sit in the corner or rest. Simone pushes you to be great and you leave feeling so happy. I love that feeling of soreness after going and its unusual for me as I never claim to enjoy working out, but I really love seeing Simone.

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