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The time for feasting draws near, and if you are intending to entertain guests at home, why not try your own hand at making these decadent Brandied Meatballs? We have the recipe for you below, from Relish.Sg, helmed by husband and wife team, Chef Chris Choo and Dr. Rose Sivam.

Relish.Sg Brandied Meatballs

1 kg Lamb Mince
1 kg Chicken Mince
1 can Tuna in Brine
Fresh Thyme
Fresh Sage
Ground Black Pepper
Sea Salt
1 Cup Dried Cranberries
Homemade Lamb Stock
1 glass Red Wine
2 Large Yellow Onions, Diced
1 packet Breadcrumbs
2 Eggs

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1. Blend Ground Lamb, Ground Chicken and Tuna in a Food Processor into a smooth paste.
2. In a Large Bowl mix the Lamb, Chicken and Tuna paste with roughly chopped Thyme and Sage, Ground Black Pepper and Sea Salt (to taste), Cranberries, Eggs, 2 tablespoons of Butter and Breadcrumbs. Add Lamb Stock gradually and combine ingredients into a gooey paste with the right
consistency to form balls.
3. Roll between the palms of your hands meatballs the size of ping pongs.
4. Shallow fry the meatballs in butter to lightly brown them. Sprinkle brandy over the meatballs and set them alight to flambe them. (Be careful when flambeing. Make sure you use a long handled lighter and do not pour too much brandy). Allow the flames to die out naturally.
5. Remove the meatballs with tongs and set them aside.
6. In a saucepan cook onions in butter until soft and translucent. Add Fresh Sage and Thyme.
7. Add Lamb Stock and Red Wine to simmer the meatballs until cooked. Meatballs should be tender and springy.
8. Remove the meatballs from the stock.
9. Continue cooking the stock to reduce into a thick sauce. Add some flour if necessary to thicken the sauce. Add Ground Black Pepper and Salt to taste. Add a handful of cranberries .
10. Add the meatballs and coat them thoroughly with sauce.

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