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Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart, Justin Bieber and Ansel Elgort have spoken out against sexual assault claims made against them and other Riverdale costars by users of anonymous Twitter accounts.

– One of the anonymous Twitter users alleged that Sprouse assaulted them during a 2013 NYU party; other accounts accused Reinhart and costars Vanessa Morgan and KJ Apa of sexual assault.

Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart have denied sexual assault allegations made against them and fellow Riverdale costars by users of anonymous Twitter accounts over the weekend.

Twitter user @Victori66680029 wrote the following in a series of tweets on Sunday.

“I want to tell about my sexual abuse by cole sprouse. It was at a party in 2013 when cole was at nyu. I was invited to one of his parties by a mutual friend, he came up during the party and started flirting with me and obviously I was flattered, we talked for quite a while, we then started making out and he invited me to his room. I went but was a little tipsy having had like 3 drinks. Once we got to his room he became aggressive and shoved me against the bed, I pushed back against him but he didn’t budge and I was drunk and he is bigger. He then pushed me on the bed and put his hands under my shirt and started fondling my breasts I told him multiple times to stop, he wouldn’t listen. By then I’m in tears and gagging from the alcohol smell on his breath. With me still saying no he proceeds to undo my pants. After he was done he told me to leave. I left and went home sobbing and took a shower for a while. I never told anyone because who would believe me over a rich Disney star. #colesprouse #tellingmystory exposing.”

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Sprouse responded via Twitter, writing, “Earlier today myself and three other cast mates were falsely accused of sexual offense by anonymous accounts on twitter. I take these accusations very seriously, and will be working with the right teams to get to the root of it. False accusations do tremendous damage to victims of actual assault. Furthermore, I would never seek to silence anybody. I encourage that people look into the accusations themselves, as the events detailed were factually untrue. This seems to be the latest claim in a series of incidents seeking to baselessly cancel my cast mates and me.”

Reinhart quoted Sprouse’s tweet, adding onto it with, “I have always taken sexual assault allegations seriously. But it was proven that this account was created specifically to create false stories about me and my cast. I can’t think of something more twisted than lying about sexual assault. It invalidates the men and women who are Brave enough to come forward with the truth. This kind of lie can ruin lives and careers- and I can call it a lie because the person who made the allegations already admitted that the stories were fabricated.”

In a subsequent tweet, she added that they would be taking “legal action.”

Another anonymous account that originally leveled sexual assault allegations against Reinhart later tweeted, “Do you see how easy it is to lie and you guys will believe it? Vanessa Morgan and Kj Apa didn’t do jack shit. You will believe anything.”

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The accusations come two days after another person accused Ansel Elgort of sexually assaulting her when she was 17 years old in 2014. In a now-deleted tweet, a woman named Gabby wrote that Elgort, “instead of asking me if I wanted to stop having sex knowing it was my first time,” forced himself on her and “made me think this is how sex was supposed to be,” per Us Weekly. She added that she felt pressured to not tell anyone about the incident at the time “because he said it could ‘ruin his career.'”

Elgort has since responded in a statement posted to his Instagram, writing, “I cannot claim to understand Gabby’s feelings but her description of events is simply not what happened. I have never and would never assault anyone. What is true is that in New York in 2014, when I was 20, Gabby and I had a brief, legal and entirely consensual relationship. Unfortunately, I did not handle the breakup well.”

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In a message on Twitter, a young woman who went by Danielle (whose Twitter account has been deleted) accused Justin Bieber of sexually assaulting her in Texas in 2014. Bieber was dating his then girlfriend Selena Gomez. Bieber shared a series of tweets refuting the allegations.

“After hearing about Gabby’s story with Ansel, it gave me courage to share mine. So this is a thank you to Gabby.

My name is Danielle, and for personal reasons, I will not be stating my last name. I’m posting this anonymously because I’m not ready to come forward and reveal myself. If he comes across this, you know who I am. I know you remember me. I hope your life is hell after this and you drown in guilt.

On March 9, 2014, I was sexually assaulted by Justin Bieber. Justin was with his former ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, for a concert in Houston, Texas. Me and my two other friends heard Scooter Braun was having an event at Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden that Sunday night in Austin, Texas. Performers like Cody Simpson, Tori Kelly, The Wanted, and more were attending the event. Then, later that night, Justin Bieber surprised the audience with about 100 people at the bar and performed a few songs. He publicly dedicated a few to Selena. My friends and I were enjoying ourselves the entire night. A man then approached me and my friends and asked us if we would like to wait after the show to meet Justin. I thought it was strange at first and sketchy but as promised, we all waited after the show because we were fans. Justin came up to us, we took some pictures and chatted for about 20 minutes (for legal reasons, I will not be sharing the photos) Justin and some other man, who appeared to be his friend, invited us over to the Four Seasons Hotel.

Once again, we said yes. We didn’t think anything of it, other than hanging out with a huge celebrity. Fast forward to arriving at the hotel. Justin’s friend brought my 2 friends to a room, and he took me to another room. Justin had me agree to not say anything to anyone, or I can get in serious legal trouble. He asked for my phone and put it to charge. I guess it was an excuse to take it away from me. He then asked me to join him in bed. That’s when I asked myself, “how in the world is this normal? I’m in a HOTEL ROOM with THE Justin Bieber.” I than [sic] began to think that this was suspicious. I asked him where Selena was to make conversation, he told me not to worry about it and that she’ll come up to the room later. I kept asking questions to add to our conversation, but he then leaned in to kiss me. I was shocked. I was taken away by what he just did. I figured it was a sign to make me shut up, so I kissed him back. I thought to myself that I had a few drinks and hopefully he can tell by the way my breath smells like alcohol and nothing wrong will happen next. I knew he was with Selena but I thought this is what every typical pop star is like—wanting other female attention, because their current significant other isn’t enough. Typical Hollywood stuff.

Keep in mind this was in 2014, around the time where he was “out of control” Our small kisses then turned into a steamy makeup session. He had pushed me down onto the bed after about 10 minutes of sitting up, got on top of me, started kissing me down my neck and made his way down to my stomach. He found my jeans, unbuttoned them, removed them, and started tracing my underwear with his fingers. My thoughts then started to roam around my head and I started to second guess myself. I kept asking myself, “What about Selena?”, “Did I consent to this?”, “How will she react if she finds out?”, “Where are my friends?”, “How is this normal and okay?.” I told him that this was going too far and that we should stop because I needed to find my friends, most importantly because I felt guilty about Selena. That’s when he told me: “Relax. They’re all okay.” He then pulled my underwear down, unbuckled his pants, pulled his underwear down, grabbed the bed covers, and threw it over us. His body was on top of mine, skin-to-skin. I was very uncomfortable, and I felt myself starting to hyperventilate. I told him to get off because I was starting to worry about my friends, but it was too late. He forced himself inside me before I got the last few words out. He was thrusting in and out me. As I laid there, speechless. My body felt unconscious.

I don’t want to go into detail about what happened next. Although, this was 6 years ago, although I was one year older than him (he was 20, I was 21), I was still sexually assaulted without my consent. Fast forward to late last year, I finally decided to speak up about it. I told my close friends and my immediate family. It was hard, but I finally got to tell my story. If you’ve ever been a victim of sexual assault, I believe you. You and your story matter. You are valid. You are heard. I will stand with you. What happened to me was not okay. It took me YEARS to finally speak up about it, but it is never too late to do so. Just because he is a huge pop star with a lot of money and millions of fans, doesn’t make this okay and [like it] should go unnoticed. I am still recovering. Attending multiple therapy sessions, seeking help, and talking to people. Thank you for listening to my story.”

Bieber denied the allegations made against him:

I don’t normally address things as I have dealt with random accusations my entire career but after talking with my wife and team I have decided to speak up on an issue tonight. Rumors are rumors but sexual abuse is something I don’t take lightly. I wanted to speak out right away but out of respect to so many victims who deal with these issues daily I wanted to make sure I gathered the facts before I made any statement. In the past 24 hours a new Twitter appeared that told a story of myself involved with sexual abuse on March 9, 2014 in Austin Texas at the Four seasons hotel. I want to be clear. There is no truth to this story. In fact as I will soon show I was never present at that location. As her story told I did surprise a crowd in Austin at Sxsw where I appeared on stage with my then assistant side stage and sang a few songs. What this person did not know was that I attended that show with my then gf Selena Gomez.

Bieber then shared articles, photos and tweets to support his claim. He started by linking an article from US Weekly: “This article from 2014 talks about Selena being there with me.”

“These photos clearly show me on stage with my assistant sidestage and the other with both of us in the streets of Austin afterwards on March 9 2014,” he continued.

“Furthermore I stayed with Selena and our friends at an airbnb on the 9th and on the 10th stayed at a Westin because our hotel reservation at LÀ Quinta and not the four seasons was messed up. Here are the receipts for the hotel on the 10th.”

“On march 10th selena left for work and I stayed at the Westin as the receipts clearly showed with my friends nick and john before I left town. Once again not at the four seasons. We booked it for a couple days to stay for the defjam show but I bailed on the 11th to head back home,” he continued. “I won’t be using mike lowery anymore as an alias.”

He ended thread, writing: “this story is factually impossible and that is why I will be working with Twitter and authorities to take legal action.”

This article originally appeared on Harper’s BAZAAR US.