Connect With Your Family & Friends With These User-Friendly Apps
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With the recent circuit breaker in place, it definitely can get lonely at home sometimes. Especially as we aren’t able to get the chance to visit or hang out with our friends and family like how we would normally.

Understanding that it’s important to get ample quality time to spend with your loved ones during this isolating period, here we share the apps that will help you get through social distancing.

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For those in a party mood: Houseparty

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Houseparty is a great app if you’re in the mood to catch up with your friends and have fun with games like Ellen Degeneres‘ popular Heads-Up or Chips and Guac (the app’s version of Cards Against Humanity). If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even ‘crash a party’ your friends are in or alternatively, you can simply lock-up your own room and have a private party with your circle instead.

Available on iOS, Android, macOS and Google Chrome.

For easy convenience: WhatsApp

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While WhatsApp is popularly used for texting or regular calls in Singapore, there’s also a convenient video function which allows you to have a free video call with up to four contacts on your handphone. This makes it practical especially if you’re not looking to increase your data consumption by adding another app for this simple function.

Available on iOS and Android.

For connecting with everyone you love: Skype

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Established in 2003, Skype‘s been one of the earliest to have instant messaging system with video call functions through a single app. Since it’s been around since the early 2000s, it’s safe to say that most of your loved ones would have Skype accounts and so it’d be one of the best tools to use. Plus, Skype is also available on a spectrum of technological devices from your mobile, tablet, desktop and even the Xbox too!

Available on iOS, Android, Kindle, Alexa, Xbox One and all Windows and Apple computers.

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For the ones love movie nights: Netflix Party

Netflix Party
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If you feel like watching a movie together with a loved one in real-time, Netflix Party is what you’d want to use. Though, it’s only available as a Google Chrome extension, it’s relatively simple to use and is a good way to broadcast your favourite movie or show with family and friends. After downloading the extension from the Chrome store, pick a programme you’d want to watch on Netflix’s website. Then you can create your party by clicking on the red ‘NP’ logo to start the party and share the party’s URL with your guests.

Available on Google Chrome.

For larger groups: Zoom

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Though it’s mostly used for meetings or classes, Zoom is good to use if you’d want to get in touch with a bigger group. Especially as it can even host up to a hundred people in a single room too!

Available on: iOS and Android

For those who enjoy a friendly round of games: Bunch

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If your group’s feeling competitive, try out the Bunch which allows for both social interaction through its video-chat feature and fun. With a variety of multiplayer games to choose from that include Draw Party, Mars Dash, Flappy Lives, Bunch Pool and Trivia – we can assure that you will be hooked.

Available on iOS and Android.

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