Wedding hashtags

Having a wedding hashtag isn’t just about showing your nuptials off on social media (impressive though they undoubtedly will be); it allows the bride and groom to keep track of all the brilliant, beautiful and hilarious pictures shared by their guests on the big day – and, quite often, for some time afterwards.

But choosing one requires more thought than you might have initially realised. Here are five things to consider to make sure yours is as effective and memorable as possible.

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1. Check that it hasn’t been used before

Sounds obvious, but it’s worth checking that someone else hasn’t already used the hashtag you’ve got your heart set on – particularly if you’ve got relatively common names. You don’t want to risk having your memories mixed up with someone else’s.

2. Make it unique

Equally, try to pick something that no one else is likely to use in the future. “Explore with more than just using your names,” advises wedding planner Rebecca King. “Consider using the date too, or a pun or phrase that you want to sum up the big day.”

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3. Don’t use symbols

It’s common to make the mistake of including symbols – particularly ‘&’ – in a wedding hashtag, but anything that’s not a number or letter will cause it to break.

4. Keep it simple and fun

“You want a hashtag that’s easy for your guests to remember,” says King. “Keep it short and punchy.” You also want to avoid the risk of your guests making a typo or spelling mistake.

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5. Don’t overthink it

“Don’t make it too gimmicky,” she adds. “Keep it true to your personalities and style and keep consistent with the theme of the wedding. You might like to consider simply using details of the location or name of the venue within the hashtag.”

6. Make sure everyone knows what it is well in advance

“Get everyone interested in the hashtag early on, maybe share it in the save the date,” suggests King. “Your guests can create a timeline of memories even before the wedding day.”

7. Avoid acronyms

No one will know or remember what AABGH means (Anna and Barney Get Hitched).

8. You don’t have to register to use an ‘official’ hashtag

To create one, just use it!

From: Harper’s BAZAAR UK