34 Of The Craziest National Costumes From Miss Universe 2017

Go big or go home!

In the beauty pageant realm, Miss Universe is the one of the most prestigious. It celebrates both beauty and brains, placing emphasis on driven ladies who want to make an impact in the world. As serious as that sounds, the section that leaves the most lasting impact on us is the National Costumes segment. It features the contestants strutting the runway in the most extravagant outfits that represent their nation and culture of their people. And when we say extravagant, we mean it. Some of these costumes are downright works of art, with lights, head pieces, sequins and feathers. Their motto seems to be “Go big or go home!” and we love it!

While some costumes are tastefully done, some aim for the wow factor. When Miss Universe Myanmar appeared wearing an actual constructed building with gongs and podiums, we just about lost it. Let’s not forget Malaysia’s nasi lemak inspired costume (complete with egg and ikan bilis), Cayman Islands’ giant green parrot, Great Britain’s sexy Queen Elizabeth I and Miss USA who was literally dressed as science! But we think Miss Costa Rica takes the cake, you can barely find her amongst the explosion of yellow feathers and sequins. She was like a flamboyant Big Bird of some sort.

Okay, Miss Costa Rica, you have our attention!

Scroll through the gallery for a peek into some of the craziest costumes from Miss Universe 2017.

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