Jason Lim (Photo: Facebook)
Jason Lim (Photo: Facebook)

A well-curated feed of well-shot architectural images and a touch of humour are just what it takes to amass 41.7k followers (and counting) for Singaporean iPhone photographer, Jason Lim. The dog-loving Libran with a penchant for puns loves travelling just as much as the next person. But instead of capturing the usual selfie and landscape shots, Lim, who goes by his Instagram handle @jsnjnr , switches on his creative eye and views his surroundings in his own quirky, imaginative perspective. When he’s serving that much creativity into his images, how could he not pique the interest of many in the realm of Instagram? Taking a moment off his schedule, Lim opens up to BAZAAR and shares with us a little bit more about himself and his secrets to what makes his #shotoniphone images truly one of a kind.

What got you into photography?

I attended a photo walk organized by a local Instagram community about 5 years ago, and met many local Instagrammers. They all had really inspiring photography accounts and I told myself I had to start photographing more seriously!

Who inspires your photography?

To date, most of my inspiration comes from all over the globe. I look up to Instagrammers such as @tobishinobi from London/Chicago, @nk7 from China, @timmy727 from Hong Kong, @jordhammond from UK and the list goes on!

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Which locations (local/overseas) are you dying to shoot at?

My dream is to shoot in many parts of China. They have the most amazing architectures! Especially those places with Zaha Hadid’s buildings. I’m a huge fan of her creations.

Share with us some tips on how to nail the perfect shot.

Always make use of the Rule of Thirds in your shots – have a subject in your frame and make use of the gridlines on your camera settings. Most importantly, have fun during the photography process!

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How would you describe your photography aesthetic?

I love playing around with perspectives to achieve unique angles. If you noticed, I’ve always placed a hint of human element in most of my photos.

Do you have any favourite filters?

Yes! I usually use Hypebeast filters HB1 and HB2, and A6 on VSCO cam.

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Describe your personal sense of style.

I love minimalist chic, and nothing too loud.

What are 5 things that you never leave home without?

I’ll always have my Chanel Bleu EDT, my Aesop Facial Hydrating Spray, camo print Valentino wallet, my Tom Ford sunglasses and my iPhone 7 Plus.