Meet The 18 Inspiring Women Who Are Changing The World

The Cartier Women's Initiative Award finalists on their life changing journey

Hanan Khader - Cartier Women's Initiative Awards 2018

Hanan Khader – Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards 2018


Hanan Khader
Jordan, Hello World Kids

MISSION: To provide children and adolescents with an online learning platform that teaches them computer programming.

“Hello World Kids seeks to prepare our children for the digital age by working with governments to include coding in school curriculums. This entire Cartier experience is a lesson in itself as it connects me with fellow entrepreneurs who are also looking to drive society forward, and we are constantly learning from each other’s ideas and business journeys.”

Noha Khater
Egypt, Almouneer Medical Services

MISSION: To provide diabetics with a network of digital eye care centres to aid the prevention of blindness caused by the disease.

“It’s very interesting to see other people’s stories, and I can actually see myself working with four or five of these finalists [who are working on projects for the diabetics blind] who want to lead a normal life. Of course, that’s the direct value. The indirect value is being inspired: Each and every one [of these finalists] has created a very nice idea that I can see working in all our countries. You learn a lot from people; it’s the learning.”

Siroun Shamigian
Lebanon, Kamkalima

MISSION: To provide school children with an online platform that uses smart technology and data analytics to help with learning and teaching Arabic.

“On a personal level, even though I was very intimidated before coming because of the profiles of these amazing women, I felt like deep down, we’re all the same; and I connected with each one of them and I am very humbled by that experience. On a professional level, one key lesson I learnt is that it’s important to focus on day-to-day business because we are a start-up with big risks. That it is also very important to future proof our business, to plan ahead of time, to think about new trends that are shaping our world and society, and be prepared for any changes.”

Audrey Cheng - Cartier Women's Initiative Awards 2018

Audrey Cheng – Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards 2018

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Melissa Bime
Cameroon, Infiuss

MISSION: To provide hospitals access to ready-to-use blood through a digital supply-chain platform that collects and dispatches.

“Coming here to Singapore for the Cartier Initiative Awards has really helped us to look at clients from a different perspective; to be able to approach them differently and to structure a better business model. Overall, it has given us an outsider’s perspective on the business, which has really been very helpful.”

Audrey Cheng
Kenya, Moringa School

MISSION: To provide young Africans with digital and professional skills training through a multi-disciplinary coding school that aims to improve their employment prospects

“The one lesson I learnt from this program is how important it is to learn from other entrepreneurs as well. Because I think it’s easy for us to get silo-ed into the work that we do. But talking to people from different regions, and even different sectors, has opened my eyes to the way that we look at our business.”

Evelyn Namara
Uganda, Vouch Digital

MISSION: To provide a efficient, transparent technological system that simplifies cash transfers from government and aid organisations to beneficiaries in agriculture.

“I’ve learnt that there is a lot you can learn from collaborative working. I’ve coming across different products here that are similar to mine in the data aspect. And I will take that back home because we’ve talked about synergies with these companies, and how we can use the data that we collect to empower our beneficiaries and empower the stakeholders. So that has been very helpful for me.”

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