Meet The 18 Inspiring Women Who Are Changing The World

The Cartier Women's Initiative Award finalists on their life changing journey

Erin Keaney - Cartier Women's Initiative Awards 2018

Erin Keaney – Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards 2018


Erin Keaney
United States, Nonspec

MISSION: To provide amputees with affordable and adjustable prosthetic limb kits

“The most important lesson that I’ve learnt this week is to make sure that you are going back to the basics, and explaining everything that you are doing very simply. And the way that we practice that is to build it like with Legos. Answering a question, and explaining it to a group of people, you pull out the key words that really ensure you are honing into your key message.”

Diana Yousef
United States, change:WATER Labs

MISSION: To provide impoverished communities with portable, evaporative and sanitary toilets that require no electricity or plumbing.

“The one thing I’m really treasuring from this whole experience is how powerful women can be as change agents. I started this journey as a social entrepreneur and I felt alone – there’s all sort of things that women have to balance – and meeting all of these women, I realized that every single one of us is figuring it out on our own. Now, we can come together and help each other out – it’s really an inspiration!”

Yiding Yu
United States, Twiage

MISSION: To provide hospitals with a digital platform that enables the transmission of real-time patient data from the ambulance or accident scene for greater time efficiency.

“What I’ve learnt at my week at Cartier is that there is no amount of technology that makes us safe from competition. You must constantly be thinking about what the future will bring us, what technology will be like in five, 10 years, and that by doing so, we can future-proof our companies to be successful in the long run.”

Neide Sellin - Cartier Women's Initiative Awards 2018

Neide Sellin – Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards 2018


Paloma Farías
Chile, La Fábrica Alegre

MISSION: To provide affordable, adaptable and open-source agricultural sensor solutions to meet the needs of developing countries.

“When I see the other ladies, I’m so amazed by what they do, but I’ve also learned to value what we do too. I’ve actually grown and have gained confidence. And the support you get here, it’s amazing. It’s like I have 17 new BFFs. Really! Even though you’re competing against each other, it’s still like: ‘you go, girl!’ because you want win fair; you want everybody to be at their best.”

Paula Gomez
Brazil, Epistemic

MISSION: To provide epileptic individuals with a device that alerts them and their caregivers of oncoming epileptic seizures up to 25 minutes in advance.

“Entrepreneurs are very pressured all the time to follow a certain model and that has always bothered me because, I mean, if we are being innovative, then by definition we cannot follow a model, right? Here, I found these completely amazing women who follow their own path. So that made me more secure; that I don’t have to follow anymore. That’s basically what I’ve learnt and I’m leaving here more confident because of it.”

Neide Sellin
Brazil, Vixsystem

MISSION: To provide the blind and visually impaired with an affordable alternative to guide dogs: A robotic one.

“Thanks to the Cartier Awards, I am bolder because, now, I know that I can go worldwide. In the beginning, there was only Brazil. But now I have everything that I need to go global.”

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