Meet The 18 Inspiring Women Who Are Changing The World

The Cartier Women's Initiative Award finalists on their life changing journey

Kristina Tsvetanova - Cartier Women's Initiative Awards 2018

Kristina Tsvetanova – Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards 2018


Kristina Tsvetanova
Austria, BLITAB Technology

MISSION: To provide the blind and visually impaired with an affordable tactile tablet that allows them to connect to the world easily for greater independence.

“Community is everything. It doesn’t matter if your product is the first one worldwide, the best, or the most affordable, community is what makes it feasible. Because here [in this Initiative], I found two other ladies who are also struggling with challenges for the blind and visually impaired; they are solving problems in the same markets we are. And this is all important: Whether we want to scale to Brazil or Asia, I have people that I can go to. So it is very important to make our product, a tablet for the blind, accessible all over the world. And this community has helped us to make it feasible in other regions.”

Luz Rello
Spain, Change Dyslexia

MISSION: To provide an online screening and learning platform that detects and treats dyslexia

“I’ve learnt that I can learn from others a lot, even if they come from different countries and markets.”

Julia Römer
Germany, Coolar

MISSION: To provide a solar-powered, off-the-grid refrigerator for the reliable storage of vaccines.

(Anya Fernholz on behalf of Römer) “We’ve been working a lot towards Africa and India, but what we haven’t thought about, or not so much are [places like] Pakistan and Egypt. These are also areas that we really have to think about, because, for example, Egypt sounds more developed, but they are also facing this huge problem so we also have to go towards these countries as well. It’s the first such event that I have been to, so for me [the learning has] been huge. The people are very constructive, very positive, and enthusiastic and, yeah, it has been great!”

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