9 Female-Empowering Instagram Accounts To Follow For Daily Inspiration

These accounts aren't just #aesthetic but also makes you feel good

International Women's Day

Photo: Camila Rosa

Instagram and social media may be a place where negativity can thrive. Lots of studies these days show that constantly perusing Instagram can lead to a depressing state of mind as we, girls, often tend to compare ourselves and our lives to the highlight reel of some choice people. While that may be true, Instagram is also a great place for people to spread positivity and share their creative works to the world.

These are the Instagram handles that we want to promote, this International Women’s Day. We’ve picked our favourite female-empowering Instagram accounts whose posts, whenever they appear on our feed, have given us a welcomed mood and confidence boost. Naturally, their IG aesthetic is super on-point! Furthermore, these accounts are run by women, giving their feed and content a feminine perspective that we appreciate.

Follow these awesome accounts, for your daily dose of female empowerment and confidence boost:


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