Frank Ocean
Photo: Boys Don’t Cry

Frank Ocean sneakily dropped a new single last Friday on his Blonded radio show, iTunes and Spotify, much to our surprise. The single is called “Chanel“, referencing the legendary haute couture fashion house in not only the title but also the chorus which has the line “I see both sides like Chanel”.

Of course, if you are a true Ocean fan, then being surprised isn’t a surprising feeling at all because he truly keeps the world on its toes. You never know what Ocean has up his sleeve. Many were worried that Ocean would step away from the limelight like he did before and fans would have to wait another excruciating 4 years before they hear from this incredible alternative R&B artiste again.

Soon after the single was released, Chanel acknowledged this nod in their direction by releasing new advertisements on their social media that flips Frank Ocean’s lyrics around, captioning “We see both sides like Frank Ocean”. The captions were accompanied by the hashtags #FrankOcean and #YouKnowMeAndYouDon’t (their slogan for their latest fragrance, Chanel No. 5 L’eau).

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Though many artistes have paid homage to the fashion house as well as mentioned them in their songs, Chanel has never reciprocated the gesture (in such a public manner) till now. This caused a stir in both the fashion and music scene as Ocean is more known for his unassuming street style rather than French haute couture (though he has sat front row at a Chanel show once). Ocean is also never one to casually name drop brands in his songs, hence why this is quite out of the ordinary.

Are we going to see a fashion collaboration between the two?

The idea is not far off as Ocean has dipped his toes in the fashion scene before by appearing in Calvin Klein’s FW16 campaign alongside a faux Marilyn Monroe.

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Frank Ocean
Photo: Calvin Klein

No word from Ocean yet but a spokesperson for Chanel told The Fader that “This is simply our way of acknowledging his nod to Chanel in his latest single.” Which does sound to us as if Chanel is jumping on Ocean’s bandwagon and his massive social media following. Nevetheless, we can’t rule anything out yet (because you really never know with Ocean). We are certainly hopeful that Ocean might follow in the footsteps of Pharrell Williams.

Stay tuned for updates!

By Hanan Haddad