Singapore Fireworks
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It’s almost time to celebrate Singapore’s 62nd birthday and we are gearing up for a spectacular display of fireworks, as always. It’s the highlight of the National Day Parade every year and this year is no different. Even if you don’t get a chance to witness the National Day Parade firsthand at the Floating Stadium at Marina Bay, you can still enjoy the fireworks display from many viewpoints around the stadium. Be it a romantic night together with your significant other or a memorable night out with your friends and family, nothing screams celebration (and awesome Instagram photos) like a spectacular fireworks display. We know that you’ll want to stake out the best places to capture the chicest photos for the Gram! From upscale to completely free, here are the best well-known and hidden spots to catch the NDP fireworks:


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Probably an obvious choice, but a chic one nonetheless, CE LA VI is a prime viewing spot. Located at the top of the Marina Bay Sands, you will be looking down the whole of the Floating Stadium as the parade goes on into the night. Enjoy the show with a glass of bubbly in your hand and go for the classic champagne flute and fireworks combo that epitomizes a stylish celebration.

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2. JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach

Honeymoon couples, this one’s for you. It can’t get anymore romantic than having a perfect view of the fireworks from your hotel room window. You escape the hustle and bustle of the people packed streets and firework blasts are dulled into background music. It’s every romantic movie you can think of. You and your loved one holding each other and bathing in the rainbow-lit skies. *sigh*

3. LeVeL 33, Marina Bay Financial Tower 1

If you are looking for a clear and inhibited view of the fireworks display with the Singapore skyline as your backdrop, you will get killer shots at LeVeL 33. This restaurant and bar towers over the Marina Bay area so catching the fireworks on camera will be a breeze. Plus it doesn’t hurt that you can sip on a few glasses of Singapore Sling as you take your best photo for The Gram. Singapore Sling in hand and the blazing Singapore skyline in the shot, prepare for the onslaught of likes!

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4. Artemis

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Fine dining and fireworks go together like champagne and truffles. You will be in for a decadent night to remember as you feast on the finest with a view of the fireworks among the forest of buildings. It’ll give you the ultimate urban shot that is a perfect fit for a person whose feed is all about living his or her best life. We say cheers to that!

5. Gardens By The Bay East

This is probably the cream of the crop in terms of the best spots to catch the fireworks display. Best of all, it’s free! Gardens By The Bay East overlooks the entire marina bay area and you can get a clean shot of the marina bay skyline from across the pond. A favourite among local photographers, bring along your best camera equipment to capture this postcard-worthy moment. Alternatively, you can cycle to this spot, like many have, and enjoy a well-deserved rest as the sky is lit with colourful explosions. Imagine this scene below:

6. Overeasy

If you are looking for a more up close and personal option, Overeasy has the best seat over everyone… easily. Just metres away from The Floating Stadium, Overeasy is prime firework spotting location. It will be as if you are at the parade itself. No awkward zooming necessary for some seriously spectacular fireworks shots. It’s great because the ambiance is super chill as well. So, if you are in for a chill night out with your friends this National Day, you are in for an amazingly lit background when you stop by Overeasy. Friends and fireworks? What is there not to like?

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7. 1Altitude

Get a bird’s eye view of the entire National day celebration that night at 1Altitude, the highest al fresco bar in Singapore. Heck, it’s the highest point in the entire island! You can’t get a better view of the fireworks than here. It’s almost eye level! Not only will you be feeling on top of the world (the champagne and luxe ambiance can certainly do that to the best of us), you will probably have the flyest fireworks photos on Instagram.

8. Esplanade Outdoor Stage

For the full national day experience, complete with the Merlion in view and Marina Bay Sands at the horizon, the Esplanade Outdoor Stage is a good spot to go to. The shots you take here will be quintessentially Singaporean and you will guaranteed be caught in the patriotic hype. Needless to say, the close proximity to the Floating Stadium will assure you some incredible closeup shots of the fireworks display, but the back ground is equally desirable, encompassing Singapore in a single snapshot. All the #feels!