Lady Gaga
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Get ready to cry along with Lady Gaga on September 22 when her new documentary, Gaga: Five Foot Two, premieres on Netflix. The announcement was made on Thursday, along with preview clips shared on Gaga’s social media channels. As Gaga revealed, she has not seen the finished documentary “or most of it for that matter because I can’t be objective about myself… you’ll see it before I do.” Gaga’s announcement also included this gorgeous artwork, which was made in collaboration with Berlin-based artist Pierre Schmidt and iconic fashion photographers Inez and Vinoodh.

According to the preview clips, Gaga will open up about everything from this year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show to her real feelings about Madonna. “The thing with me and Madonna, for example, I admired her always,” she says in one clip. “And I still admire her, no matter what she might think of me. No, I do. The only thing that really bothers me about her…” (of course, the clip cuts out at this exact moment so really, do tune in next month to hear the rest of this sentence).

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In another clip, an emotional Gaga can be seen in a robe at the doctor’s office, where she is told about the next steps to help her with her “intense pain.”

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It’s unclear if this is related to Gaga’s battle with chronic pain, which she opened about last November on Instagram.

Gaga also gets emotional talking about feeling alone over a clip of herself swimming in darkness. “I’m alone, Brandon, every night,” she says to BFF and celebrity stylist Brandon Maxwell. “And all these people will leave, right? They will leave. And then I’ll be alone. And I go from everyone touching me all day and talking at me all day to total silence.”

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Gaga: Five Foot Two premieres on Netflix on Sept. 22.

From: Harper’s BAZAAR US