Netflix has added 28 more Singapore-made TV series, films, and documentaries across various genres to its stable from August 4 that’ll turn up the nostalgia.

Gems include Asia Contents Awards winner The Last Madame starring Joanne PehTitoudao: Inspired By The True Story Of A Wayang Star, which chronicles the life of celebrated wayang star Oon Ah ChiamWet Season by acclaimed filmmaker Anthony Chen, and documentaries like Days of Disaster, which spotlights the catastrophic events throughout Singapore’s history.

Here are some of the shows to catch on the streaming platform. Click here to find the full Singapore collection.

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August 4

Beijing To Moscow: Season 1

‘Beijing To Moscow’ (Photo: Netflix)

The original Toggle 13-episode romance-mystery series stars Taiwanese actor River Huang, Malaysian actress Jojo Goh and Singapore stars Felicia Chin and the late Aloysius Pang. It follows the story of Kai Xiang, who hops on board the Trans-Siberian Railway on a journey to recover his memory after losing it in an accident.

Get Real: Season 17

An award-winning investigative docuseries by CNA, it delves into social and political issues as well as trends across Asia, from China’s social credit system to Malaysia’s tahfiz schools.

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August 5


The drama series is an adaptation of acclaimed playwright Goh Boon Teck’s play which is based on the life of his mother, Madam Oon Ah Chiam, an iconic and indomitable Chinese opera performer in the 50s and 60s.

When Hainan Meets Teochew

‘When Hainan Meets Teochew’ (Photo: Netflix)

An unexpected bond develops when an effeminate man (Teochew) meets a manly woman (Hainan), despite getting off on a bad note.


Starring Xu Yahui, Desmond Tan and Vincent Tee, follow four intertwined stories that explore ideas around love and connection, as seen through the eyes of a young couple at a Singapore hotel.

Undercover Asia: Season 8

This investigative series examines social issues and trends around Asia, touching on topics like suicide, illegal mining, gender violence, shipwreck robberies and limb-lengthening surgeries.

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August 6

Last Madame: Season 1

‘Last Madame’ (Photo: Netflix)

A woman returns to Singapore to claim her inheritance: a former brothel owned by her great-grandmother, played by Joanne Peh, whose life as a mamasan in the 1930s involved sex, intrigue and murder.

Wild City – Forest Life

English broadcaster and nature historian David Attenborough takes you through this nature series the dives in the world of Raffles’ banded langurs and other inhabitants of Singapore’s rainforest.

Wild City – Secret World

We may be oblivious to many of them but thousands of animal species reside on our tiny island. From bullfrogs to praying mantises, this nature series voiced by naturalist Nick Baker follows the lives of those mostly unseen by us.

Greedy Ghost

An unlucky man (Kang Kang) makes a pact with a haunted book spirit to help him win lotteries in this comedy-horror film executive produced by local comedian Mark Lee, but he squanders his wealth and must soon pay a price.

Forensik: Season 1

Crime scene specialist Juliana Hamid tackles homicide cases while juggling her relationship with an inspector and the consequences of a family secret.

Days of Disaster: Season 1

A five-part documentary that covers catastrophic events throughout Singapore’s history, from explosions, fires, and the collapse of a hotel to a traumatic plane hijacking.

Inside the Children’s ICU: Season 1

This docuseries explores the daily challenges at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Singapore as young patients fight for their lives.

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August 7

In Time To Come

Tan Pin Pin (Photo: Netflix)

Shot over four years, this experimental documentary by local filmmaker Tan Pin Pin showcases the easily overlooked, everyday scenes of Singapore life during the ritual opening of state time capsules.

Judgment Day

Seventy-two hours before a meteor is expected to hit Singapore, a group of individuals starts revealing their deepest secrets and desires in this comedy-drama disaster film. The cast includes Mark Lee, Henry Thia, Chia-Yen Ko, and Tender Huang.

August 8

Mr Unbelievable

‘Mr Unbelievable’ (Photo: Netflix)

Remember Chen Tianwen’s viral song and music video “Unbelievable”? He subsequently returned with this spin-off Singaporean musical comedy film that depicts Chen as the titular middle-aged getai singer who attempts fame by adding English lyrics to Hokkien songs.

Long Long Time Ago 4: The Diam Diam Era

Jack Neo’s comedy-drama film continues from the ‘Long Long Time Ago‘ series and follows the story of the Lin family’s second generation and their neighbours in HDB flats, who go through social changes and education reforms in Singapore. Lead characters Ah Kun, Osman and Shamugam set up a new opposition party after becoming unhappy with many of the government policies, but soon entangle their families.

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August 9

Wet Season

‘Wet Season’ (Photo: Netflix)

By critically acclaimed director Anthony Chen, the 2019 film follows the plight of Mandarin language teacher who forms a profound, complicated bond with her student that may upend their lives.


In this adult animated series, a group of close-knit stall owners on the ground floor of a public housing building embarks on zany adventures.

Singapore Gaga

This documentary explores Singapore’s multilayered aural landscape, coloured by street busking, train announcements, cheerleading hymns, and more.

A Frame in Time: Season 1

This portrait of life in Singapore explores the social issues and historical changes from the fifties to the seventies through art and personal stories.

This article was first published in The Singapore Women’s Weekly.