Peabody Award-winning comedy series Ted Lasso has quickly become an Internet favorite—and with its recent Season 2 premiere, the show’s officially-renewed Season 3 is also fortunately around the corner.

Based in West London, the show follows endearingly naive American Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis), who is hired as football coach at AFC Richmond and leads an amateurish British soccer team to victory. His lack of experience in the role and knowledge in the sport is made up for in full by his pure-hearted nature, which manages to charm the team as well as the show’s increasingly dedicated viewers.

Where Season 1 largely highlights events with the team, Season 2 deepens the scope, honing in further on “what’s happening internally for the characters” rather than “external life events,” co-creator Brendan Hunt told Deadline“Mental health still has stigmas around it in this country,” he continued, “even more so in England, and even more so in sports, so we take a little time to explore that, and where our characters are at with that.”

As for Season 3, co-creators Bill Lawrence, Joe Kelly, and cast members Sudeikis and Hunt have already dropped several hints. So while we wait on the rest of Season 2 to unfurl, we’re already tracking everything to know about Ted Lasso‘s third season.

Ted Lasso Season 3 is intended to be its last.

Sudeikis has long mapped out the show’s storyline to follow a three-year arc; but recently, he shared in a Today interview that his ever-growing love for the show might just “[screw] up the whole plan.”

“This story [we’ve already mapped out], I know has a beginning, middle and an end, and will end the third year,” Lawrence previously shared with Deadline. “I think there’s other stories to tell about Ted Lasso and the gang, and we’ll see. I think either way, it’ll be important to Jason and all of us to try and go out on a high note,” he continued.

“The story that’s being told—that three-season arc—is one that I see, know, and understood,” Sudeikis additionally told Entertainment Weekly. Though with the show’s increasing popularity, as well as his ever-growing attachment to his work on the show, the plan is certainly not set in stone. “I’m glad that they are willing to pay for those three seasons,” he continued. “As far as what happens after that, who knows? I don’t know.”

As for what happens after the third year, Bill Lawrence shared some of his raw thoughts on what a potential fourth season may look like.“The only way I think a fourth season of Ted Lasso exists would be if Ted Lasso went and coached a soccer team that played about a block from Jason’s house in real life,” he said on an episode of Fake Doctors, Real Friends. “You know what I mean? He’s got young kids.”

The Season 3 release date is still unknown.

Variety reported in October 2020 that Ted Lasso was officially renewed for a third season, even before production for Season 2 began.

While the Season 3 release date is still uncertain, Seasons 1 and 2 were released close to exactly a year apart, in August of 2020 and July of 2021, respectively. If Season 3 follows suit, then its new episodes may also be expected to arrive by next summer. The co-creators seem to have had much of their long-range plans already mapped out in some form, so hopefully it’s a timeframe we can bank on.

The cinematography might provide plot clues.

Co-creator Bill Lawrence previously revealed to Deadline that much of the show’s significant characters and themes have been deliberately foreshadowed by elements of cinematography. Given this pattern for both seasons 1 and 2, this might very well stand to hold for Season 3. “The show started on a close-up of [Rebecca] looking at a painting—kind of this single shot of her, following her journey—and I would say that it would be a clue about who a lot of the second year is about,” said Lawrence. “Something cool Jason really likes to do visually is tell you who the sneak protagonist or lead character is,” he continued, “by where we start, and whose face we start on.”

This article originally appeared in Harper’s BAZAAR US