The Google Arts and Culture Face-Match That’s Taking Over Your Instagram

And how to use it


Photo: Twitter @Hannahrose253

There’s one activity that’s been keeping everyone busy this weekend, and that’s taking a selfie with the Google Arts and Culture Face-Match app. The magical app takes your photo, and then finds your museum doppelgänger, and the results range from spooky to downright hilarious.

The app first launched in 2016, letting users browse art from more than a thousand museums. But the newly introduced Face-Match feature is already proving to be a big hit on social media, with users readily sharing their results. All you need to do is download the Google Arts and Culture app, and take photo of yourself. Unfortunately, you can’t upload your hottest selfie, but have to take a new photo for it to work. After you’ve posed, the app will match your face to a famous artwork somewhere in the world.

In case you need convincing that you should try the Google Arts and Culture Face-Match app immediately, here are some of the most brilliant results that social media has to offer:

1. That Smile

2. The Time Traveller

3. The Confidence Boost

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4. Making Your Friends Do It 

5. Not Everyone Likes the Result

6. Nailed It

7. It’s Addictive

8. When the App Wins

9. Feeling So Great 

10. Who Do I Sue?

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11. In Another Lifetime

12. Using a Cat As a Hat

  1. Their algorithm is…flawed. #googleartsandculture

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13. When the Likeness is Uncanny

  1. #NailedIt #GoogleArtsAndCulture #FridaKahlo #Art #Culture #Unfinished

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14. No Cats Allowed

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15. A Head on  a Stick

  1. Cool 🙂 #googleartsandculture

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16. “I Am Art”

  1. I am art.

    A post shared by Lauren Schwein (@lorenahobbit) on

17. Separated at Birth

  1. I mean… yeah. #googleartsandculture

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18. It’s All In The Eyes

  1. Evidently I need to wax my upper lip. #googleartsandculture

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19. Stop Rolling Your Eyes… It’s Pretty Accurate 

  1. Duuuudddeeee. @not_mike @darby_daily @chargnar77 @kingkrymsn

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20. What Happened?

21. Gilmore Girls as Art

  1. #GilmoreArtsAndCulture #lukedanes #gilmoregirls #googleartsandculture

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  2. This article originally appeared on Harper’s BAZAAR US.
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