Boobie (@boobie_billie)
Photo: Courtesy of Boobie (@boobie_billie)

During the circuit-breaker, we sometimes have our moments where we just need to give ourselves a good break to clear our minds off the anxieties we’re facing and one of the best ways to do so is to spend time with your pet (if you have one) and if not, hop on social media to find funny videos or cute photos of these lovable furry creatures.

Here, we share 8 super adorable Insta-famous pets that’ll uplift your spirits and get you into the Friday mood. (Plus, stick around till the end to see a bonus pet account we’ve added for some comedic relief too!)

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Boobie Billie (@boobie_billie)

A favourite amongst the sartorial giants and fashion it-crowd, Boobie Billie never fails to impress. With showstopping outfits and sassy one-liners, the Italian Greyhuahua pup (an Italian Greyhound-Chihuahua mix) is the fashion icon we all aspire to be.

Zappa (@zappa_the_cat)

Talk about classy, Zappa‘s a cool cat with a keen sense of style. Though the feline has a soft spot for Chanel or a pair of tinted round-frame sunnies, Zappa likes to experiment and has been seen sporting brands from the likes of Gucci to Supreme.

Miffy (

Living it up in the Big Apple, the Taiwanese-born Miffy is the ultimate jet setter who’s living her best life. Besides her avid travels, the bunny has even made a recent supermodel appearance on the NYFW runways too!

Bert (@bertiebertthepom)

Is that Paddington Bear? Well, you’re close enough it’s Bert the Pomeranian, in his iconic Halloween costume back in 2008 which founded his social media stardom. Raking in 435K followers, Bert continues to

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Pisco (@pisco_cat)

Pisco‘s giving those dogs with the puppy-dog eyes a run for their money. The Golden British Shorthair is simply adorable, so much to the point that we wonder what’s it like to squish him…

Tika (@tikatheiggy)

Tika is the fabulous gay icon that you’ll absolutely love. Hailing from Canada, this queen has a penchant for the bold outfits, new adventures and of course, spending time with the love of her life and fellow Italian Greyhound, Jugo (@jugotheiggy).

Peach (@michel_e_b)

An artist in the making (much like his owner), Peach can be spotted taking a whole bunch of groovy photos and dance videos for the ‘Gram.

Jack (@jackthecockatiel)

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Jack will certainly brighten your day. This little birdie loves spreading positivity, discovering new things and spending time with his teddy.

Special Mention: Dogs Working From Home (@dogsworking from home)

And if you’re looking for something especially relatable right now, you’re in for a treat. You won’t be able to stop scrolling through these posts of dogs ‘working from home’ that are bound to give you a good laugh.

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