Nicole Young

Following Christine Quinn‘s departure from Selling Sunset, Netflix’s glossy reality show needed to find some new real estate agents to fill her place. Enter Nicole Young, a longtime employee of The Oppenheim Group, who seemingly has some unresolved beef with fellow agent Chrishell Stause.

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Young joins Season 6 along with Bre Tiesi, and they both manage to stir up some much-needed drama in the office. Here’s what you need to know about Selling Sunset‘s newest recruit, Nicole Young.


Young has signed up to be a main cast member on Seasons 6 and 7 of Selling Sunset, but eagle-eyed viewers may already recognise her. As noted by Deadline, Young officiated Mary Fitzgerald and Romain Bonnet‘s wedding on the Season 2 finale, and she’s a longtime employee of the O Group. According to her LinkedIn profile, she’s been with the agency since 2014.

Surprisingly, the real estate agent was actually meant to star on Selling Sunset from the very beginning of the show. “Originally, I was a part of the main cast,” Young explained to People. “I just got cold feet right before they were going to start filming. I just wasn’t ready to expose my entire life, and even more so, my clients and business.”

As for why she changed her mind about joining the cast Selling Sunset, Young told People, “I’ve grown personally and professionally a lot… it’s an incredible opportunity and a rise-to-the-occasion kind of moment.”


Jason Oppenheim seems to have a habit of dating his employees. While fans are already well-acquainted with his romances with Fitzgerald and Stause, it turns out that he also used to date Young. During an interview with Us Weekly in August 2022, fellow cast member Amanza Smith dished, “[Nicole] dated Jason [10 years ago]—she was the first.” Young is now married to someone else, and it’s clear that her romantic relationship with Jason is a relic of the past.

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Discussing her connection to Jason, Young told People, “I met [Jason] the very first year he was in real estate… I just took the opportunity to shadow him whenever I could.”

Having watched her co-workers film five seasons of Selling Sunset, Nicole Young knew what she was signing up for. “As far as drama goes, I fully realise that’s a large and unavoidable aspect of the show, but I have pretty thick skin,” she told Us Weekly in August 2022. “I’m not easily offended and I have no qualms about voicing my opinion, so I’m not too worried.” Viewers will quickly discover that Young is outspoken, especially when she’s not a fan of one of her co-workers. “I’m really excited to see what viewers think and how everyone takes it,” she explained to People.

Despite being ready to defend herself, Young also admitted that she’s a little nervous about starring on such a huge TV show, and the exposure that comes with it. “That’s something I can’t even fathom right now,” she told People. “I’ll be honest, that scares me a little bit.”


Nicole has been married to husband Brandon Young since 2017, a fact she regularly celebrates on social media. In honour of their fifth wedding anniversary, Nicole wrote on Instagram, “4.22.17 was the best day of my life, not because our epic wedding was the best party we’ve ever thrown, but because it was the day I became your wife and the day we became a family.” According to Us Weekly, Nicole and Brandon have been together since at least 2014, when she began sharing photos of her beau on Instagram.

When she’s not working, Young can apparently be found playing beach volleyball player, gardening, or chilling at home with her husband and their dogs, a Brussels Griffon and a French Bulldog.


Young finds herself at the center of some pretty vicious arguments during the sixth season of Selling Sunset. However, she’s quick to reiterate that real estate always comes first in her life and career. “I am definitely going to be bringing a lot of real estate to the table, which I’m very excited about,” she told Us Weekly, “not just the properties, but my clients and the relationships I have with them because at the end of the day, relationships are the most important aspect of real estate.”

Young’s bio on The Oppenheim Group website calls her “a loyal and fierce advocate of her clients’ best interests,” while Deadline revealed that she has $100 million in sales under her belt. With some serious expertize and an impeccable track record, Young seems more than ready to join Selling Sunset.


Having worked at The Oppenheim Group for almost a decade, Nicole Young has made some firm friendships in the office. Having officiated Mary Fitzgerald‘s wedding, Young has a great relationship with the office manager. It would seem that Fitzgerald was Young’s biggest support when it came to joining Selling Sunset, with Young telling People, “I’ve talked to Mary about everything under the sun and asked her a million questions… She kept reiterating, ‘Just be yourself. Don’t try to be anything you’re not.'”

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Fellow cast member Amanza Smith also sang Young’s praises, telling Us Weekly, “I’ve known her for 10 years and she’s amazing… I’m just very glad that she’s finally on the show with us and we get to spend more time with her in the office because I adore Nicole. She’s known my kids since they were babies.” As for Young’s outspoken nature, Smith told the publication, “She’s a pretty straight shooter… I think she’ll have an opinion.” Basically, Selling Sunset viewers are going to enjoy Young’s refusal to back down, even when it leads to feuds with her cast mates.

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