Dalgona Coffee
Photo: Getty

Circulating all over social media from Instagram to TikTok, Dalgona Coffee has fast become one of the most viral food trends to date with thousands across the world trying to perfect the beverage (including Lizzo!). But what’s so special about this decadent whipped coffee?

The trend originating from South Korea became a hit when Korean actor Jung Il-woo discovered and became obsessed with the deliciously sweet caffeinated beverage on his travels in Macau.Reminding him of the Korean honeycomb toffee candy (of the same name), he decided it to call it the Dalgona Coffee and produced a tutorial for the drink, just around the time when the nation went into self-quarantine.

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Sugary, sweet and completely snap-worthy, the Dalgona Coffee consists of a simple mixture of instant coffee mix, white sugar, hot water and milk.

If you’re looking for a simple, quick and hassle-free tutorial on how to make this popular drink, watch this Youtube Video below by lifestyle vlogger, Tina Yong.

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