Photo: David Beckham / Instagram

David Beckham knows how to create internet gold. The soccer player posted a video of himself doing push-ups in his underwear–on top of a piano. It is absurd on so many levels:

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Mr Richie's challenge to myself day 2. @guyritchie

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1. He legit looks naked

David starts off by explaining that he’s taking part in day two of film director Guy Richie’s#22PushUps challenge–an initiative to raise awareness for veteran suicide prevention–a really serious, worthy cause, but it’s kind of hard to let the words sink in when the speaker is David Beckham and the speakers is topless and pantless.

2. He stares intensely into the camera the whole time

STAHP IT, David!

3. The piano

Why? Also: the pianist, at the end of the video.

4. The wine

All that’s left in the glasses is that last sad last splash, the one you toss back as you’re getting up from the table at the end of the meal and wonder if anyone’s judging you for needing to get that last drop in.

5. It sounds like he’s doing push-ups to “Ave Maria”

A church song. Because we need Jesus after watching this.

“As you can see, I’m 79 floors up, I’m lying on piano, and I brought a pianist with me. Thought you’d like it. Thought you’d find it romantic,” he says at the end.

We got 19 more days of this, y’all.