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Update: Following the risky upload of this photo, in which one Drake envelops one Jennifer Lopez in a bear hug, Rihanna has unfollowed the bear-hug-ee on Instagram, fueling rumors that D + JLo really does = 3. But at what cost? Earlier this year, Rihanna and Lopez exchanged Manolos (just like us and our friends!), then kind words, the latter telling E! News, “I’m a huge Rihanna fan…and I feel like she’s such a girl’s girl, which I love.”

We mourn the potential loss of a beautiful friendship. (Yeah.)

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Photo: Getty

Original post, 29/12: Jennifer Lopez and Drake both shared the Instagram in question early Wednesday morning, and it’s not like we needed confirmation that Drake loves to snuggle but here it is anyway. In other confirmations, though it’s captionless, many are taking the cutesy, soft-lit shot as a social media nod to their relationship status.

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The “pair of lovebirds,” as Us Weekly notes, have had the celebrity couple rumor mill turning after a dinner date and Drake’s attendance (twice!) at J.Lo’s Vegas showcase.

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Look at that #lovehim hashtag! (Sharing the same photo again, Drake used the heart eyes emoji.) And while many are very enthusiastic about this conscious coupling, there’s one person who’s NOT A FAN, not one bit nosiree: Rihanna.

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Perhaps catching wind of this romance earlier than the rest of us—because, you know, getting the goss first is one of the many perks of being famous — RiRi unfollowed J.Lo on Instagram over the holiday weekend (she’d not been following her former flame Drizzy for a while).

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