It’s not a meet-cute until a falcon poops in your eye.

At least, that’s how Tom, played by Henry Golding, and Kate, played by Emilia Clarke, meet in the trailer of Last Christmas, the soon-to-be iconic holiday rom-com that’s based on George Michaels even more iconic Christmas anthem of the same name.

Kate is a disgruntled Londoner who works in a Christmas shop as arguably the least jolly elf ever. Meanwhile, Tom is a kind and genuine homeless shelter volunteer, who charmingly tells Kate that “getting pooed on by a bird” is good luck.

Actors Emma Thompson (Love Actually) and Michelle Yeoh (who was Golding’s onscreen mom in Crazy Rich Asians) also have roles in the film. Thompson plays Kate’s concerned mother, while Yeoh plays her exasperated boss.

“This is my little helper,” Yeoh says, after throwing a Christmas ornament at the back of Clarke’s head. “I have nicknamed her Lazy the Elf because she appears never to work.”

It’s not all candy canes and gingerbread for the characters of Last Christmas. The trailer reveals that Kate had a near-death experience—not unlike Clarke’s life-threatening brain aneurysms she struggled with during the filming of Game of Thrones—which ultimately transformed her demeanor from cheery to sullen.

“I’m just scared all the time,” Clarke soberly says in the trailer. “They just expect me to be normal.”

While holding Clarke in his arms, Golding replies, “There’s no such thing as normal.”

Get your tissues and tickets ready! The film releases on November 8.

This article originally appeared on Harper’s BAZAAR US.

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