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My interview with the cast of Emily in Paris, prior to its season 2 debut, began with a harangue directed at me by Lucien Laviscount, who plays a London-born charmer named Alfie in the new season. 

“Stop right there! I just gave you the biggest [compliment] to come on right here and that’s the question you had?” Laviscount bellowed, as Lucas Bravo—he plays hot chef Gabriel—stopped mid-sentence in response to my question during a roundtable Zoom interview.

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Alfie and Emily in tense conversation on the Parisian streets over a coffee break. (Photo: Stephanie Branchu/Netflix)

Before this exchange, Laviscount paid me a compliment when I introduced myself as part of the BAZAAR team by saying, “You guys are like the epitome of the world, your fashion, your ideas, and what will you say, speaks volumes throughout the world! I feel blessed talking to you guys.” 

And what was the criminal question I asked that triggered Laviscount’s disdain? “Lucas, do you as a Frenchmen actually not wash your now-famous cast-iron skillet for omelettes?” The audacity, I know. 

From left to right, Lucas Bravo, Camille Razat, Lily Collins, and Lucien Laviscount as Gabriel, Camille, Emily, and Alfie in ‘Emily In Paris’ season 2. (Photo: Stephanie Branchu/Netflix)

Anyway, this was all in jest on Laviscount’s part, and if anything, it did add a dose of light-heartedness throughout the video call. What was also obvious during the interview was the palpable organic chemistry between the cast members—an important factor that kept the audience invested in how the characters navigate friendships, work, and love in the most romantic city in the world during the first season.

Take, for example, Laviscount’s faux-tirade—there was a knowing glimmer behind both his and Bravo’s eyes that gave away the heated moment as part of what one can only consider a comedic satire. They know I know they know. 

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Lucas Bravo as chef Gabriel. (Photo: Stephanie Branchu/Netflix)

“There’s a lot of questions about the omelette pan actually! And yes, I do wash it,” Bravo swooped in to “defend” me from Laviscount. “ I just don’t wash [my own body], but I wash everything else. Which is good, because you know, I like carrying a scent everywhere I go and my nickname is actually (the arguably pungent cheese) camembert. It’s just my signature scent,” Bravo finished with brutal honesty on a little known fact of a Frenchman’s habit

Fans of the romantic comedy series will know that the final episode of the first season was a gasp-worthy cliffhanger.

Trouble in paradise or… (Photo: Stephanie Branchu/Netflix)

Where did it end? Well, Emily’s (played by Lily Collins) season-long love interest Gabriel had decided to remain in Paris. This was followed by a call from her friend Camille, an art gallery curator and Gabriel’s then very recent ex-girlfriend, asking to speak to her in a measured yet serious tone. That’s not all. Emily was — at that moment — also pursuing a budding romance with monsieur Mathieu Cadault, a client of the marketing firm Savoir, where Emily works, and also serves as a business executive for the Pierre Cadault haute couture fashion label. 

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The infamous disapproving glare of Parisians. (Photo: Stephanie Branchu/Netflix)

You can call Emily’s romantic affairs messy, to say the least. But does it get any better? Who will Gabriel ultimately choose? Will the Parisians at Savoir ever accept Emily? Will Emily’s French get any better?

What about the singing career of Mindy (played by Ashley Park), close girlfriend of Emily? Will it take off? Will she find someone to love? How will Mindy’s relationship with Emily evolve in season 2? We can’t say just yet.

Ashley Park’s Mindy Chen at the top of her her renewed chanteuse prowess. (Photo: Stephanie Branchu/Netflix)

What we can tell you at this point though, is that season 2 will pick up exactly where the final episode left off, and you can expect Emily’s love life to play out more throughout this upcoming season. 

Emily’s dilemma between her professional and personal lives will also shake things up at Savoir, as well as her boss Sylvie’s ultimate resolution at the marketing firm. Despite all these fairly ominous plot lines that will kick off season 2, you can still expect lots of laughs, tension and fashion throughout the episodes. 

Lily Collins signing off on set from Paris. (Photo: Stephanie Branchu/Netflix)

Emily In Paris’ premieres on Netflix on December 22.