The newest Spider-Man film will land in theatres this Christmas. Spider-Man: No Way Home marks the end of the newest Spider-Man trilogy, starring Emmy-winning actor Zendaya and Tom Holland. When Peter Parker (Holland) can’t deal with the public knowing his secret identity, he turns to another MCU hero for a solution that turns the world upside down. The movie will also include several Easter eggs from the long history of the franchise.

Here’s everything else we know about the highly anticipated film.

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It will be released on December 17, 2021.

The latest Spider-Man film will premiere in theatres around Christmastime, a little more than two years after its previous film, Far from Home. Its first teaser, released yesterday, shows that the film takes place immediately after the events of Far from Home, when big, bad Mysterio, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, revealed to the world that their web-slinging hero is New York City teen Peter Parker (Tom Holland).

It’s the last film of Tom Holland and Zendaya’s Spider-Man trilogy.

No Way Home will end the newest Spider-Man trilogy, which began with 2017’s Spider-Man Homecoming. It also may be the last film for the current franchise cast, which includes Tom Holland as Peter Parker and Zendaya as MJ. Holland confirmed to Collider earlier this year that his contract with Marvel Studios ends with No Way Home.

“[Spider-Man 3] would be my last one [under contract] so I’ve always said to them if they want me back I’ll be there in a heartbeat,” Holland told the outlet. “I’ve loved every minute of being a part of this amazing world. It’s changed my life for the better, I’m so lucky to be here. If they want me back I’ll be there, if they don’t I will walk off into the sunset a very, very happy person because it’s been an amazing journey.”

Zendaya also opened up about her experience on the Spider-Man films, telling E!‘s Daily Pop that filming No Way Home was “bittersweet,” saying “we don’t know if we’re gonna do another one.”

“We were all just absorbing and taking the time to just enjoy the moment, being with each other and being so grateful for that experience,” she said.

Doctor Strange will be in the film.

In the vein of other MCU crossovers, Spider-Man will work closely with another superhero during his latest film. Doctor Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, will play a large part in the film, after teaming up with Peter Parker and Tony Stark (RIP) during Infinity War.

In the new teaser, Parker goes to Strange for help after struggling with the pressure of having his identity revealed to the world. Strange, who seems to be in a rough place (judging by his snow-covered home), agrees to perform a spell that will make the world forget Spider-Man’s secret identity. When Parker starts to have second thoughts, realizing that even his now girlfriend MJ and Aunt May will forget, the spell appears to go haywire, leading to some surreal events in the MCU.

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No Way Home will introduce the Multiverse to the MCU.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been its own self-contained world up to this point. However, the Multiverse, or the concept that multiple realities can exist at the same time, has been the reigning element of Marvel comics, with different versions of our favourite superheroes fighting in their own worlds and sometimes interacting with each other. Now that the Multiverse has been introduced in the Marvel television shows WandaVision and Loki, it looks like Spider-Man: No Way Home will be the first MCU film to incorporate the reality-bending concept.

In the new teaser trailer, we see the consequences of messing with reality after Peter and Doctor Strange perform the spell to make people forget that Peter is Spider-Man. Suddenly the MCU’s New York starts looking a lot like Christopher Nolan‘s alternate reality in the film Inception, with streets and buildings bending and inverting. In addition to a flat city going 3D, the spell also apparently opens a door into other realities, letting in some familiar villains.

Characters from previous Spider-Man franchises will appear in No Way Home.

The teaser also confirmed a storyline that’s been rumoured since the film’s cast was announced: Characters from the old Spider-Man franchises, which star Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as the web-slinger, will show up in No Way Home. Though all the old villains are rumoured to appear, the teaser confirms only two Maguire-era baddies.

Near the end of the teaser, we see a green grenade thrown onto an NYC highway, which blows up as a sinister cackle plays in the background. Both the weapon and the laugh belong to Norman Osborn (Willem DaFoe), a.k.a. the Green Goblin, the villain from the first-ever Spider-Man movie.

In the biggest surprise of the teaser, the very last shot shows Dr. Otto Octavius (Alfred Molina) emerging from a haze of smoke, saying, “Hello, Peter.” The villain, also known as Doc Ock, is the main bad guy in 2004’s Spider-Man 2. In addition to Doc Ock and Green Goblin, fans have also found Easter eggs from other past Spider-Man villains throughout the last half of the trailer.

The official No Way Home trailer shows that Zendaya’s MJ may be in danger.

Marvel just dropped the official trailer, which both confirms the appearances of several past Spider-Man villains and shows new footage of MJ. The clip, which you can see above, starts off with Parker saying that the only time his life has felt “normal” since he became a superhero was when MJ found out about it. She then appears throughout the trailer, helping Parker as he deals with multiverse villains. She even gets a scene with Doctor Strange, where she forces the Sorcerer Supreme to say “please.”

After Parker faces off with several villains, including Doc Ock, Sandman, and Electro, the end of the trailer shows that Zendaya’s version of MJ still faces the same danger that Peter Parker’s girlfriends always face. In one scene, MJ falls off a roof in a shot similar to falls of Kirsten Dunst‘s Mary Jane and Emma Stone‘s Gwen Stacy in previous films. Hopefully, the framing is just a multiverse callback, and MJ will be fine.

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