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In our increasingly digital world, where an email is quickly becoming the norm, it’s always nice to receive a beautifully handwritten invitation or note in the mail. But who are the masterminds behind these elegantly scripted missives? We turned to our sources in the fashion industry and got the low-down on the most sought-after calligraphers in Singapore.

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Clarence Wee

When the fashion world needs beautifully scripted greeting cards or invitations, chances are they’ll turn to Clarence Wee to get the job done. His company Craft Varies specialises in calligraphic art pieces, handwritten invitations, large-scale sign-paintings and wall murals, and his impressive clientele include Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Dior, to name a few.

Susan Lui

Dramatic flourishes and free-flowing script are the order of the day at Olive Leaf Calligraphy, founded by Susan Lui. In addition to her calligraphy work, Lui also paints and draws to heighten the sense of grandeur to her lettering. Her work has caught the eye of brands like Tiffany & Co., who have tapped on her for projects in Singapore.

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Whimsical lettering with a hint of girlishness, Trudy never fails to inspire delight with her beautiful script. I spotted her work at a recent lunch and was so charmed by her lovely looping letters, I had to ask the host for her contact information. In Singapore, she has been commissioned by fashionable clients such as Chloé, Hermès, Loewe and Sulwhasoo for invitations, place cards and for custom work at in-store events.

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Marilyn Chew

Based between New York and Singapore, Marilyn’s burgeoning portfolio of work for clients such as Google, Skin Inc, Fresh and Michael Kors belie her young age. The talented calligrapher is a versatile scriptmaster who has the knack for turning everyday objects into works of art with her creative eye.


After picking up calligraphy on a trip to New York, Joanne returned to Singapore with a newfound love for the art form and has since grown it into a business that produces everything from greeting cards to customised wall art. Her work often features inspirational quotes and words that manifest in the most exquisite colour palettes.

Nichole Tin

Nichole Tin has one of the most exquisite Old English Roundhand calligraphy work that we’ve come across and her work always brings a sense of romance with it. It’s little wonder why clients such as Dior Beauty tap on Tin for their custom, in-house events.

Martha Days

Martha Yovi infuses her wonderfully Victorian designs with nature for a fresh perspective on calligraphy. With her background in fine arts, her work always incorporates a sense of lightness and structure with it.