Erin Brockovich
Julia Roberts as Erin Brockovich.
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There’s nothing better than watching a film and seeing a powerful female figure or the camaraderie amongst women supporting each other take centre stage.

In celebration of International Women’s Day (and month), we’ve put together a list of our favourite films featuring the strong female characters we love, and the storylines which continue to inspire us.

Roma (2018)

Written and directed by Alfonso Cuarón, this Oscar-winning film tells the poignant semi-autobiographical tale of Cleo, an indigenous domestic worker, in the Roma neighbourhood of Mexico City in the 1970s. Shot in black-and-white, this compelling masterpiece was created as a love-letter to the women who raised him, and portrays beautifully what it means to be a resilient woman.

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Charlie’s Angels (2000)

Charlie’s Angels has always been an iconic film in 2000s cinema just because it shows us that action isn’t just for the boys⁠—women can be heroes too. Fighting crime in high-style, it’s up to the angels to defeat the bad guys and save the day in a rescue mission.

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Miss Americana Taylor Swift (2020)

Tracking the life of music sensation Taylor Swift, the documentary underscores every pivotal moment including the personal struggles she’s had to overcome leading up to the career she’s paved today.

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Sex And The City The Movie (2008)

Sex And The City‘s become a household name in pop-culture history and it has the right to be, for it’s female empowerment at its finest. Following the lives of Carrie Bradshaw and her girl squad, the rom-com celebrates the power and dynamic friendship between strong, independent women.

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Pitch Perfect (2012)

If you’re in the mood to watch something light-hearted and comical, Pitch Perfect would be our pick for you. Packed with a whole lot of good tunes and girl power, watch on to find out how an unlikely group of girls band together in an acapella group to compete against their university’s all-male rival group at the national championships. If you can’t get enough of the Barden Bellas, get your binge on with the sequels Pitch Perfect 2 (2015) and Pitch Perfect 3 (2017).

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Legally Blonde (2001)

Legally Blonde is definitely one of the most heart-warming films to watch this International Woman’s Day as it teaches us that it isn’t stupid to dream big. Watch aspiring lawyer Elle Woods’ defy all stereotypes and stay true to herself as she embarks on a journey of self-discovery while attending Harvard Law School.

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The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

In this film, award-winning actresses Meryl Streep and Anne Hathway give visibility to successful career women who have managed to carve a path for themselves in the face of trials and tribulations. Dramatic, sentimental and witty.

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Hidden Figures (2016)

You don’t need to be a space enthusiast to watch this Oscar-nominated film. Hidden Figures tells the inspiring story of three brilliant female mathematicians who shaped American history, and recounts the struggles African-American women faced while working at NASA in the 1960s.

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Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

Watch this smart and funny family satire as a reminder to keep your inner Olive⁠—unconventional, goofy and brave⁠—alive!

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Wonder Woman (2017)

A female-led superhero movie starring Gal Gadot as an Amazonian warrior princess who fights for truth and justice with courage and strength. What’s not to love?

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Frida (2002)

Frida Kahlo‘s thick unibrow and un-waxed upper lip has become an iconic feminist symbol. Watch her tumultuous life unfold in this biopic by Julie Taymor.

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Lady Bird (2017)

This charming coming-of-age comedy by Greta Gerwig chronicles Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson’s senior year of high school. Wonderfully directed and portrayed, this teen movie navigates the ups and downs of female adolescence leading to adulthood.

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Julie and Julia (2009)

The film depicts lives of prolific cooking teacher, author, and TV personality Julia Child, and culinary author Julie Powell—separated by time but bonded by their shared passion for cooking. Watch as Powell (played by Amy Adams) embarks on a journey to prepare the recipes in Childs’ (played by Meryl Streep) cookbook, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”, while Child conquers French cuisine with grit and determination.

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The Favourite (2018)

The Favourite features themes of powerplay, manipulation and womanhood—a period masterpiece that boasts powerful performances from Olivia Colman, Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone.

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Erin Brockovich (2000)

Based on the true story of a woman’s journey of self-discovery and the triumph of the human spirit, Erin Brockovich is an empowering, inspiring and feel-good legal drama you don’t want to miss.

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