Eat Chic: 5 Unexpected Ways To Pair Food & Wine

While the traditional way to fashion a meal is to first choose a recipe and subsequently pick a wine based on that palate, what if you were able to do things completely differently and make your favorite bottle of wine the center of attention? In Chef Dominic Orsini’s new cookbook for Silver Oak Winery, he does just that, laying out a simple formula for elevating any recipe to the level of wine at hand.

“I’ve found that when the cuisine plays a supporting role, the wines respond by highlighting the flavors of the food,” says Orsini. “I cook what I want to eat based on the weather, time of year, and what is fresh and seasonal. The success of the pairing comes from using five basic techniques to balance the flavors, so the wines pair beautifully with the food.” Here, Chef Orsini lays out his five tips and tricks to the art of pairing food and wine, debunking any notion that your seafood needs a white wine and that your steak calls solely for Cabernet.

All photographs by Ed Anderson

From: Harper’s BAZAAR US

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