Juicing, low-carb; no-carb diets, Pump, Spin, Zumba… we have seen it all. The need for health and wellness continues. Some of them are spillovers from 2015 and still going strong. Here are the fitness trends we are obsessed with so far this year…

Exhale, Inhale, Reset…

Paddleboard Yoga Photo: Getty

In today’s hectic schedules, the need to connect with oneself from within is greater than ever. Yoga is by no means a new kid on the block, but it is fast becoming the most popular one. Out with the devil-may-care attitude and in with some “Aum” time.


Açai Bowl, Project Açai

Healthy, delicious and Instagram friendly, Açai bowls tick all the right boxes for us with its frozen goodness. A berry from the acai palm tree found in Central and South America, açai’s health benefits range from alleviating heart problems to weight loss, with a few health benefits we have marked “important” in our list. Places like Project Açai also load up on the nutrition factor with fruits, nuts and chocolate shavings. Yum!

Mahalo, tasty goodness

Standard Nalu—Ahi Tuna in Original Sauce, Aloha Poké

Poké—this Hawaiian dish is getting increasingly popular as a healthy diet fad as well. If you are a tuna lover, this is for you. Possessing a high protein content and high in vitamins and minerals like vitamins B-12, C and D, iron, zinc, folate, magnesium, manganese, potassium and niacin… You get the idea. Besides, the American Heart association has stated that regular intake of fish (twice a week, at least) reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. On our own shores, Aloha Poké serves up some delicious varieties of this Hawaiian superfood.

Going nuts for coco

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Coconut Water, $26.96 for 6-pack of 330ml each, CocoLoco

Tapping the goodness… from every known fruit and vegetable has been trending for some time now. Not surprising that people are also catching up with the humble coconut, which has been hailed in South Asia for its beauty and health benefits. The coconut oil trend was all over last year, literally, (we were splashing it all over ourselves as well as cooking in it). It’s now the turn of coconut water—given Singapore’s humidity, that’s a very refreshing alternative indeed. Thai cocos in coffee shops aside, what is gaining popularity are the ones that come nicely packaged and chilled and with an inspirational message to boot.

Oily goodness

Tsubaki Hair Oil $26.90, Shiseido

While on the topic of oils, this one made it from kitchen counters to our vanity tables as well. Camellia oil, rather its variant the Camellia Japonica, is the latest super ingredient in Japanese beauty products. Rich in vitamins and Omega-3, camellia oil helps reduce inflammation and increases skin elasticity. Camellia Oil as hair products are also a rage for its restoring and nourishing capabilities.

Track it

iWatch, from $450, Apple Photo: Getty

“Get Fit” could well be the new slogan, what with the deluge of fitness programmes to cater to the new health obsessed—young and old alike. What’s bigger is the tracking the process: Fitness trackers are the accessories du jour. Throw a smart watch into the mix and there’s really no excuse for not upping your training, is there?

By Sandhya Mahadevan