Discover New Favourites And Old Favourites At Jumbo Signatures
JUMBO Signatures. Photo: Courtesy

JUMBO Seafood isn’t just a gastronomical destination—it’s an institution. Singaporeans of all ages may recall fond memories of celebrating happy occasions at this restaurant, which has been in business for over three decades. Now, we invite you to discover new favourites and create new traditions while delighting your taste buds at JUMBO Signatures.

Launched early last year, JUMBO Signatures is JUMBO Group’s first premium restaurant concept. Situated within Marina Bay Sands, it continues to offer fan favourites such as Bak Kut Teh and Chilli Crab as well as a slew of mouth-watering dishes, and specialised menus perfect for every occasion—including a private dining room for extra special events.

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Evergreen Dishes

Discover New Favourites And Old Favourites At Jumbo Signatures
Seafood Century Egg Salad with ‘Tofu’. Photo: Courtesy

Starters, or appetisers, whet your appetite at the beginning of every meal. One could argue that it’s the most important dish served at a restaurant. After all, it sets the tone for the rest of your meal. At JUMBO Signatures, we recommend giving their Seafood Century Egg Salad with ‘Tofu’ (S$12++ per person) a try. Served with chilled ‘tofu’ fashioned from steamed egg, Surimi and Japanese seasoning topped with century egg and tobiko, it is delightfully umami. The mouthfeel is similar to that of chawanmushi: smooth and creamy.

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Discover New Favourites And Old Favourites At Jumbo Signatures
Chilli Mud Crab Pincer with Fried Mantou. Photo: Courtesy

And of course, you can’t visit JUMBO Signatures without savouring their Chilli Mud Crab Pincer. Made with the familiar sweet and tangy flavours of JUMBO Seafood’s award-winning Chilli Crab, the sauce is concocted with a blend of over 10 Southeast Asian spices—including chilli, turmeric, lemongrass, candlenut and more. Egg is delicately stirred into the sauce, giving it a velvety-smooth mouthfeel when eaten. Our favourite way to enjoy this classic dish is by soaking up all of its goodness with a deep-fried golden brown Man Tou. We can’t recommend this dish enough. Pro tip: You may call in advance to request for a crab body with roe if you like.

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Discover New Favourites And Old Favourites At Jumbo Signatures
Crispy Fried Sea Cucumber with Abalone Sauce. Photo Courtesy

Alternatively, if you enjoy smokey flavours, do consider having the Crispy Fried Sea Cucumber with Abalone Sauce (S$58++ per person) as a main course. Premium white teat sea cucumber is ever so lightly charred over charcoal resulting in a crackling, caramelised exterior and delectable gooey interior. It’s served with a superb abalone sauce that’s absolutely mouthwatering. 

Discover New Favourites And Old Favourites At Jumbo Signatures
Sliced Luffa Melon in Golden Stew. Photo: Courtesy

If there’s one dish we love apart from Chilli Crab, it’s soup. JUMBO Signatures’ Sliced Luffa Melon in Golden Stew (S$16++ per person) is at once rich, creamy and simply delicious. Thinly sliced luffa melon, used in place of noodles, is boiled for several hours and later combined with fried, shredded conpoy, Sakura ebi and fried, shredded Jinhua ham. 

Discover New Favourites And Old Favourites At Jumbo Signatures
Signature Fragrant Rice in Rich Seafood Broth. Photo: Courtesy

No Asian restaurant is complete without a signature dish, and this dining concept is no different. The Signature Fragrant Rice in Rich Seafood Broth (S$38++ per person) – consisting of fluffy jasmine rice in a hot stone bowl steeped in a delectably umami prawn broth topped liberally with hand-shelled crab meat, Sakura prawn and botan (sashimi-grade) ebi – is a culinary masterpiece. Served at the table with rich, boiling prawn broth poured directly into the hot stone, it’s definitely a must-have. 

At the end of your meal, dessert is served. Whether you’re craving some heartwarming Banana Cake with Coconut Ice Cream (S$16++) – served with caramelised bananas, a gula melaka butterscotch sauce and feuilletine flakes – or a good old bowl of ‘Cheng Teng’ with Peach Resin (S$8) served hot or cold, you’re sure to find something that tickles your fancy. 

The Tasting Menu

Either way, you will undoubtedly be spoilt for choice when you visit JUMBO Signatures, which is why we recommend their Tasting Menu as the ideal option for first-time patrons. This way, you get to sample the restaurant’s best dishes, like Orange Glazed Pork Rib and Braised Vermicelli with Mud Crab Meat, in one seating. At S$168++ per person, it’s comprised of eight courses complete with an amuse bouche and palette cleanser. You may also opt for their wine pairing menu at an additional S$78++ per person for an even greater dining experience. The Tasting Menu is refreshed seasonally, so you always get the freshest ingredients in your dishes. 

And if that’s not enough, you may always order more from their à la carte menu, available in small plates. From soups and meat to vegetables and seafood, diners have the option of choosing a variety of dishes to share with loved ones. 

The Executive Set Lunch

If you and your co-workers are looking for a light yet hearty meal during lunchtime, do consider JUMBO Signatures’ Executive Set Lunch. It’s S$62++ per person for three courses, and S$68++ per person for four courses. If you’re planning on visiting JUMBO Signatures, do check out their website as their menu changes seasonally. 

JUMBO Signatures is located at #B1-01B, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands Singapore, 2 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018972. Tel: 6688 7023. Prices listed here are subject to prevailing GST and service charges as well as change.