Discover The Best Of Restaurant Eclipse With It’s New Tasting Menu
Photo: Restaurant Eclipse

Sitting on the rooftop of Yue Hwa Building is Restaurant Eclipse, and is fast-becoming one of Singapore’s premier Asian-European dining destinations. Helmed by co-founder and chef Samuel Quan, this restaurant serves thoughtfully-executed dishes inspired by eastern and western flavours, created by marrying traditional and modern cooking techniques. 

Since opening its doors late last year, Restaurant Eclipse has wowed diners with an unobstructed view of Chinatown and the sky—especially at sunset, when the city is bathed in a golden-saffron hue—along with a splendid menu that pays homage to both our nation and the chef’s heritage.

Chef Samuel first began his culinary career at a three-Michelin star French restaurant in Singapore in 2014, before clinching an apprenticeship at Aponiente—the first three-Michelin star restaurant in Andalusia, Spain—to further hone his skills. He eventually returned to Singapore where he made a name for himself at Element, a restaurant at Amara Hotel on Tras Street as chef de cuisine. 

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Discover The Best Of Restaurant Eclipse With It’s New Tasting Menu
Chef Samuel Quan. Photo: Restaurant Eclipse

Fast-forward to 2021, Chef Samuel decided to open his own restaurant where he aims to help Singaporeans reconnect to their roots by tapping into their collective love for food, and promote sustainability in food by demonstrating how locally-sourced ingredients—which have a lower carbon footprint than internationally-sourced produce—can lead to wonderful, gastronomical creations. 

To that end, Restaurant Eclipse has created a discovery menu consisting of six courses priced at S$168++ per pax. Launched earlier this month, the special menu perfectly highlights Chef Samuel’s uncanny ability to combine Asian and European flavours for a delectable and memorable dining experience. 

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The Food

Discover The Best Of Restaurant Eclipse With It’s New Tasting Menu
Amuse Bouche. Photo: Restaurant Eclipse

The discovery menu starts with an amuse bouche comprising smoked, locally-farmed mussels. Here, squid ink is used to imitate a mollusc shell which is filled with a blend of mussels and kimchi that’s smoked over charcoal and paired with a side of ikura. The plating looks too good to eat, but you must. Every bite includes a burst of savoury-umami flavour—the kind you can only get with incredibly fresh seafood. 

Discover The Best Of Restaurant Eclipse With It’s New Tasting Menu
Duck Tortellini. Photo: Restaurant Eclipse.

Our favourite, however, has to be the Duck Tortellini—a riff off kway chap and braised duck. Shanghai dumpling skins are stuffed with succulent duck braised in Hoisin sauce and served in a flavourful, umami broth; a hearty stock derived from stewing poultry bones and crustacean shells for hours. It’s elevated comfort food at its finest.

Discover The Best Of Restaurant Eclipse With It’s New Tasting Menu
Hae Bee Hiam Codfish. Photo: Restaurant Eclipse

Another notable dish is the Hae Bee Hiam Codfish served with a Soy Broth. This dish is power-packed with flavours: Buttery-soft codfish paired with crispy shrimp crumbles make for a delightful mouthfeel; while the Soy Broth lightly coats the tongue with delicious umami flavour. The broccolini provides extra crunch. 

The discovery menu was curated to take you on a gastronomic journey through land and sea.

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The Bar

Discover The Best Of Restaurant Eclipse With It’s New Tasting Menu
Celestial Bar. Photo: Restaurant Eclipse

The Celestial Bar is the centre-piece of the restaurant, and is led by bartender Pranisa ‘Niza’ Treechanasi, who has a wealth of experience serving guests at the top hotels in Bangkok, Thailand. Much like the tasting menu, the gastronomical cocktails are a play on classic drinks with Asian twists, making each one a fresh interpretation.