Unicorn Frappe
Photo: Instagram/@stateof_alaska

Starbucks recently dropped a new item on their seasonal drinks menu that has gotten everyone rushing to the closest Starbucks. Introducing the Unicorn Frapuccino that, we dare say, is created for the sole purpose of being Instagrammed. Just look at these incredible photos, featuring this good-looking drink, flooding our social media feed:

How could you NOT Instagram it? According to Starbucks, the drink itself is not just magical in appearance, but offers a pretty magical experience as well. The Unicorn Frappucino is said to be “flavour-changing, colour-changing and totally not-made-up”. Does that mean actual unicorns are in this drink?

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The drink is supposed to start off sweet and fruity and then transform into something “pleasantly sour” in your mouth. *ahem* Well, safe to say that it’s a drink that needs to be experienced. The drink itself doesn’t independently change colour but it claims to do so when you swirl the myriad of pinks, purples and blues together. Extraordinary! The drink is topped off with whipped cream sprinkled with pink and blue “fairy powders”, naturally. Because why have one magical creature in drink-form when you can have two?

It does make one wonder, what effects does this magical drink have on one’s body. With a whopping 76 grams of sugar packed in a cup, it might be a good thing that this special beverage rears its spiraled horns once in a blue moon.


The Unicorn Frappucino appears on the Starbucks menu once in a while, similar to spotting a mythical creature in the woods. You never know when you might spot one again so it’s best to try it on the spot. The drink is so popular on social media that people are making makeup looks and nail art dedicated to this over-the-top beverage.

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Looks like it isn’t enough to simply consume the beverage, it’s so pretty that one has to look like it as well. Perhaps the magic in the Unicorn Frappucino is so strong that it has the powers to turn people into unicorns themselves. We may never know because this drink hasn’t been spotted in our local Starbucks yet.

However, word on the street is that Singapore might have our own mythical creature (aka The Merlion) making an appearance in drink-form. A Merlion Frappucino does sound pretty magical… and patriotic. We are wondering if this special drink might appear closer to National Day. Perhaps the Merlion Frappe will be red and white? We shall wait in anticipation for our own local magical beverage to make an appearance. Meanwhile, you can try customising your own Merlion Frappe.

By Hanan Haddad